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Rewarding (to some) A-H1N1 flu hysteria grips globe

Fauci fans the flames, the WHO uses the bellows, but so far, normal flu

Hundreds of schools closed, ships redirected, pigs slaughtered, VP Biden suggests avoiding the subway

President and even Forbes magazine say hold on, where’s the pandemic plague?

Communication from Cervantes: A history of false alarms, or, the Fauci Follies

Global panic seems to have taken hold on the flu front, as media sensationalism magnifies medical warnings into worldwide alarm. A key soccer match plays to empty stands in Mexico, gates locked against ticketholders; Mexican City restaurants, bars, movies, discos, theaters, gyms and swimming pools are closed for five days at a cost of $100 million a day; tourist ships are veering away from Mexican ports; one child dies and 433 schools are closed in the US; “swine flu” tops the Twitter meter; Egypt orders all pigs slaughtered; Britain with five cases orders 32 million face masks; thermal cameras are trained on air passengers from Japan to Turkey; and Lebanon discourages the traditional Arab peck on the cheek greeting. Cuba and Argentina stop flights to Mexico, and Hong Kong Taiwan and Russia are imposing quarantines on visitors with fever.

Update: Fri Jun 12 2009 Pandemic declared yesterday by WHO, first since Hong Kong flu 1968 which killed about 1 million world wide.
World wide H1N1 cases 29,669 so far. Deaths 145. Normal seasonal flu kills 250-500,000.
Mexico 6,241 Reported cases UK 1,000 reported cases (“The government has ordered 226m face masks, 34m respirators and 15.2m courses of antibiotics. (BBC)).
USA H1N1 cases estimated at 18,000 Reported 13,217 cases 45 deaths. Normal seasonal flu kills 36,000.
California 6 deaths.
New York City NYC officials estimate prob 550,000 cases in NYC with one tenth of 1 per cent hospitalized. New York City 12 deaths of about 530 hospitalized since mid-April (80 % had one or more underlying conditions putting them at risk).
Fear has already gripped Argentina, where thousands of people worried about swine flu flooded into hospitals this week, bringing emergency health services in the capital of Buenos Aires to the brink of collapse. Last month, a bus arriving in Argentina from Chile was stoned by people who thought a passenger on it had swine flu. (Mercury News)
Many rich countries like Britain, Canada and France signed contracts with pharmaceuticals long ago, guaranteeing them access to pandemic vaccine. WHO and others estimate that about 2.4 billion doses of pandemic vaccine could be available in about a year.(AP)
Here in NYC we were today personally informed by Alirio Orduna, ex Marine and Commander and Founder of the New York Military Youth Cadets, whom we happened to run into dressed in a spiffy white beribboned uniform waiting to go in to view the video “Cadet” (about instilling “military discipline”, said the Commander) at the Tribeca Film festival, that the “swine flu pandemic” is at the top of his concerns. We mention this merely as a random example of how far responsible people in New York City, the new epicenter of the flu in the US, are influenced by the media. (We attempted to allay Commander Orduna’s anxiety for his cadets but without discernible effect).

Epidemic of alarm

Meanwhile Dr Anthony Fauci gives testimony to Congress that the new flu is a cunning amalgam of bird flu, swine flu and human flu genes (if we heard him right; the CDC says that the virus combines human and three swine viruses from North America, Asia and Europe), and Senator Tom Harkin once again asks him if he is sure he has enough money to do all he needs to do in this and any other respect. WHO Director General Margaret Chan says that “It really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic”, and raises the alert level to the second highest notch (that indicates the threat of epidemic, not the dangerousness of the virus). Robert Bazell on NBC Nightly News says other countries are not going to help us build up our reserves of vaccine which anyway won’t be available for six months, since it has to be tuned to this “new, frightening virus”.

President Obama momentarily calms us in telling the National Academy of Sciences “This is obviously a cause for concern and requires a heightened state of alert. But it is not a cause for alarm.” But then he immediately releases $1.5 billion in emergency funds, which Janet Napolitano his secretary of Homeland Security explains will be useful even if this viral tsunami dies off naturally, because “we may see a resurgence in the fall.”

Save the pigs! It’s normal flu outside Mexico

Another SARS scare which will deflate into nothing much at all? Or another 1918 flu pandemic? Not only does there seem to be no reason for panic, there seems to be little reason to worry unless you think the Mexican figures are very accurate. If they are it is true that 103 deaths in Mexico from 1614 reported cases, the deaths which initially persuaded everyone that a dire crisis loomed, was prima facie an impressive rate (1/16 or 6%). But certainly many more cases went unreported, being unhospitalized, and perhaps something else is involved, like access to medical care, or another infection going on at the same time, and of course normal flu can be fatal when it catches toddlers or seniors. In the US a normal flu season can catch up 5% to 20% of the population, and up to 36,000 people may die, though this is a far lower mortality rate of 6/2500 (0.24 %) to 6/10,000 (0.06%). Meanwhile the latest numbers from Mexico’s health minister Jose Cordova yesterday are that the flu is responsible for 15 confirmed deaths and 343 nonfatal cases, still a high number (15/358 or 4%), but the spread is now declining with Mexico’s crisis response.

Even Laurie Garrett, the renowned Council of Foreign Relations specialist in infectious disease, says we need to know how dangerous the virus is before knowing if the world alarm is justified. (Writing another book on the global spread of disease, she says we have to wait to see whether it resurges in Mexico when business resumes there after May 6, and if it passes through other species in the Southern Hemisphere winter and returns in a more lethal form, as the 1918 flu did).

In fact if you listen carefully to the expert sources drawn upon by the media you hear them saying time and again that there no other evidence so far of anything especially nasty. At this time of writing (May 1) there still isn’t international evidence that we have anything but a routine spread of mild flu. The CDC says that the flu lacks the virulence markers seen in the 1918 virus or the H5N1 bird flu, whatever they are (no one can say why the 1918 flu was so damaging in itself, it being blamed for 50 million deaths, though there are plenty of suggestions about other factors being involved in what was a very different age – no antibiotics to maintain hygiene or to fight bacterial pneumonia, war conditions, lack of proper nutrition, new vaccines [see below] etc).

Meanwhile the costs of alarm are great to certain sectors of the economy. Pig farmers are suffering bans on pork imports and Egypt is not the only country to have started to kill pigs, who are entirely innocent of infecting any diner since you can’t catch flu by eating pork. The market disruption may knock out a third of US hog producers, according to Chris Hurt at Purdue University, a WSJ source, costing them $270 million by June.

WorldFocus asks an NYU researcher

Has anyone behaved well? Well, Forbes magazine for one. Forbes magazine printed History Says Avoid Virus Hysteria by David Whelan on April 27:

Meanwhile, that year–and in every year this decade–between 30,000 and 50,000 American deaths were recorded from complications related to the seasonal flu. Another 40,000 people died in automobile accidents. And each year, gunshot wounds account for 30,000 deaths, around 4,000 people drown while swimming or boating and 60 people die from lightning strikes.

We also commend WorldFocus, the only TV news program we know of which bothered to interview an intelligent and succinct MD from the NYU School of Medicine, Martin Blaser, instead of the usual official or bureaucratic blatherer (amazing how little content there is such spokesmen’s advice) or TV “medical correspondent” whose job appears to be as reassuringly alarming as possible.

One cannot catch flu from eating pigs, the rather engagingly earnest and precise Dr Blaser stated firmly, and it is far too late to contain the spread of the flu world wide by banning travel. He did allow that quarantining travelers with fever might cut down on importation, “a good public health measure in the appropriate circumstances.” But Blaser reckoned the data showed this flu had been going on in Mexico since February, so we were already a few months into this epidemic. With many more cases surely unreported, he didn’t see anything abnormal in the rate of deaths. “So far outside of Mexico it’s been very mild, a typical influenza, not much different”. With summer coming, “it will knock it down; will it knock it down completely, I don’t know.”

Do we have a bias when assessing Dr Fauci’s advice?

In other words, we are facing the prospect of a normal flu, as every indication so far has suggested. Well, we can’t help thinking that this was fairly obvious from the start. But perhaps we are biased.

The testimony of Dr Fauci and others to Congress now always seems so blatantly self-serving to our eyes that we fear we may have been forever influenced by his performance to date in fostering, preserving and guarding the idea of AIDS being caused by an infectious virus in the face of the literature of the field which entirely contradicts this. (We still have to do the post we promised on How Dr Fauci Lied to Congress in his last appearance before the Senate Committee on Provisioning the NIH).

The result is that we are forced to keep a giant metaphorical salt cellar handy when listening to the unassailably neat Director of NIAID give testimony to those responsible for funding his department, or to Charlie Rose.

Still, all we really know for sure about Dr Fauci, apart from his unyielding sartorial impeccability, is that much of his own work in the tomes and journals of the overfunded field of HIV/AIDS itself defeats the conventional wisdom he retails to the media. The issue of whether he and others in the field of disease are given to exaggerating the dangers they detect in the cause of milking the public purse for more funds than strictly necessary is a judgment better assessed by more sophisticated and informed commentators here.

So we hereby append a recent communication from the inimitable Cervantes just bestowed on our Comments columns, since we feel that it deserves far more prominent placement. Running down the list of outrages in this sector of industry in the last few decades, it speaks to the point far better than anything we can find elsewhere to justify continuing cynicism in the face of Dr Fauci and colleagues’ efforts to inform us of their medical and scientific facts on A(H1N1).

A Short History of False Alarms, or, The Fauci Follies
Cervantes Says:
April 30th, 2009 at 11:15 am e
Hi, Everybody – Since Swine Flu hysteria has taken hold, I thought some perspective would be useful.

Here’s an abbreviated list of our U.S. CDC heroically proclaiming and combating killer epidemics:

1) Legionnaire’s Disease; A bacterial pneumonia that accounts for about 3% of all pneumonias in the U.S. Nothing new – just a big gathering of elderly Legionnaires in several hotels having yucky A/C systems with lots of the bacteria.

2) Hantavirus: Supposed to sweep the country, spread by mouse feces. I guess having 50 cent mouse traps and pet cats have warded off this disaster.

3) Mad Cow; Supposedly in meat, and passed to humans from diseased cattle having abnormal “prions” (don’t ask, it’s not worth it). Most certainly all created by organophosphate neuro-toxic chemicals topically applied to cattle to ward off parasites.

4) AIDS; Currently the U.S. has 50+ times AIDS cases and deaths than all other western countries, a little secret the nation’s press won’t publish. Deaths due to lethal antivirals and antiretroviral drugs given those having tests yielding “hiv” antibodies – even though the antibodies are not specific — . Abundant studies showing those not taking the antiretrovirals live to normal life expectancy (assuming they stop shooting up heroin, whiffing amyl nitrites, etc.). Current annual U.S. AIDS deaths 15,000; Canada 28; Germany 73, on and on. Do your own math, it’s worth it.

5) Hepatitis C; Currently about 8 thousand Americans die each year from this. How could they not die?- as they are given toxic medicines that are kissing cousins (ribavirin, for instance) of the antiretroviral AZT. (AZT is now almost totally dropped, but it killed 550,000 Americans having “hiv” antibodies. Look it up).

6) Human Papilloma Virus = cervical cancer; Drug company trials biased beyond control, FDA in on the fix; Gardasil vaccine rammed through; school systems bullied into required vaccinations. Result from vaccinations: 25+ dead; tens of thousands serious and paralytic reactions to the Gardasil – ongoing every day.

7) Autism or Asbergers/Austism Syndrome: A perfect timeline of autistic and similar syndrome cases rising catastrophically and exponentially along with the exponential increase of vaccinations, now up to 17 “diseases” and with shots totaling over 50 (many in combination). Little wonder with all the toxic elements in all vaccines, and being injected via bloodstream at fragile infant ages – as opposed to normal immune protections developed via respiratory/gastrointestinal routes (allowing extremely competent success in lifelong immunity). The CDC blesses all vaccinations, want even more! And now, Swine flu redux! Vaccinate!

8.) SARS: Virtually all who died in 2003 (the grand total of 775 around the world: comprising Canada with 43, All of Europe with 1, the USA with zero, Southeast Asia – Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. with 730), died from the drug ribavirin given in huge doses, and well known to immediately destroy red blood cells – called hemolytic anemia – “Ooops! the patient died!” Never an actual virus identified, but a corona virus was prime suspect, have to blame some virus, after all. Once ribavirin was dropped from treatment protocols, mortality dropped toward zero. Surprise! U.S. zero mortality perfectly aligned with decision of U.S. Health authorities to NOT use ribavirin.

9) Ebola: Still and always used to stir Fear. Realistically, it’s Hollywood bullshit.

10) Bird Flu Pandemic Hysteria Promotion: More accurately, should be called science fiction. Majority of U.S. and Europe 1918-1919 deaths directly brought by 3-4 new vaccines (smallpox, dyphtheria, typhoid, measles) newly brewed, and mandated to all the military, with millions of civilians joining in. Result: fierce, deadly septicemias and toxic reactions to these vaccines. Death tolls in China and India exaggerated 10-fold. Nothing like propaganda, even more so today. Real science available – ignored by the hysteria mongers, particularly CDC.

11) Tah – Daahhh! It’s 2009. And, now Swine Flu! Let’s see, a 2 year-old from Mexico, comes to Brownsville Texas, gets sick, taken to Houston Hospital April 13, dies 2 weeks later, blamed on Swine Flu. I can imagine the different, lethal antiviral drugs she was given. If anybody is interested, just google “tamiflu toxicity”. This absurd, deadly drug is an “antiviral” that the insane authorities are sending by the tens of millions doses around the country.

Let’s review: In 1976, a single soldier died at Ft. Dix allegedly from Swine Flu, with maybe up to 500 others “infected” but all healthy thereafter. Since 25,000 soldiers and civilians made up Ft. Dix, and only 500 became infected from the reallllllllly infectious swine flu virus, why didn’t the other 24,500 get infected? One death from pneumonia. Really deadly, this Swine Flu. And, by the way, there were no “antiviral” or “antiretroviral” drugs at that time – thus no soldiers were poisoned to death, yet blamed on a virus.

CDC should stand for “Centers for Disease Concoction” — or maybe more accurately, “Concocting Disease Clowns,” or most accurately, “Concocting Disease Criminals.”

Have a good day!, your medical reporter, located in the shadow of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID, Cervantes

This excellent little memo is more succinct than even Dr Blaser from NYU, and since one of the enduring truths we have noticed in public life is that those who are good analysts and attentively assess whatever is peddled to them by various “authorities” tend to be brief and to the point – wittily so, in fact, brevity being the soul of wit – we hold this virtue up to your notice as confirming the truth of what Cervantes writes.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply under researched in the matter.

Meanwhile, according to the WSJ today, the 1976 swine flu debacle involved rush vaccinating 40 million Americans, with some 500 cases of a neurological disorder linked to the vaccine, including about 25 deaths. The program was stopped and many vaccinated people filed injury claims.


Scientists see this flu strain as relatively mild – Genetic data indicate this outbreak won’t be as deadly as that of 1918, or even the average winter.

How not to shake hands

An eccentric Englishman we know in New York uses the following solution to avoid shaking hands with anybody at any time at all: as the friendly hand is extended to him, he presses both his palms together like a praying mantis and bows like a Chinese mandarin, with a smile. This escapes the social obligation to touch another, but without causing offense.

Recommended movie

On the HHS front page today there is a fine video on the theme of washing your hands, Put Your Hands Together: Wash Your Hands to Help Prevent the Spread of Flu, distinguished for the calming effect of its almost Zen like meditation on an important but uncomplicated theme.

WHO, FAO and the Feds having agreed to call the flu A/H1N1 and not swine flu, other officials eg in Oklahoma resist on the grounds “that is what people are used to calling it”, says Tulsa City-County Health Department spokeswoman Melanie Christian. even though aware that the pork industry is at risk.

“There is no evidence that the new virus is circulating in pigs in Mexico or anywhere else and that pork consumption poses no increased risk of contracting the virus,” FAO said. Meanwhile, despite those assurances on pork being safe, Reuters reports that 16 countries have barred imports of at least some U.S. pork due to the situation.

It’s still safe to travel despite swine flu, authorities insist:

Federal health officials were reacting to comments by Vice President Joe Biden that he would not advise his family to fly on airplanes or use public transportation during the flu outbreak….

James May, CEO of the Air Transport Association, representing the nation’s airlines, called Biden’s comment “extremely disappointing.”

“The airlines have been working daily with government agencies, none of whom suggest people avoid air travel unless they are not feeling well,” May said in a statement. “The fact is that the air onboard a commercial aircraft is cleaner than that in most public buildings.”

Middle East Governments Respond Aggressively to Prevent Spread of Swine Flu

In Israel — where several people, including a little girl who lived in the house of one of the confirmed patients, are under observation in hospitals — travelers coming from Mexico into the country are forced to undergo a medical examination at the airport or other points of entry….

In neighboring Egypt, the government has begun widespread culling of the country’s 350,000 to 400,000 pigs, despite objections from global health experts who said that the widespread slaughter is unnecessary and a waste of resources. “The crisis today is in transmission from human to human. It has nothing to do with pigs,” said Joseph Domenech, U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization chief veterinary officer.To handle the mass culling, army slaughterhouses were drafted into service to help overwhelmed pork slaughterhouses.

Pig farmers, many of them from the Christian minority that makes up about 10 percent of Egypt’s population, are often desperately poor. On Thursday, they blocked streets and stoned vehicles of government health workers who came to carry out the government’s order. In one farming community north of Cairo, angry farmers battered the vehicles of government workers with such ferocity that the government retreated, and the pigs were spared.

In some cases, farmers have been promised the equivalent of $177 per head as compensation. In other cases, compensation has been refused as the pig farmers are told the meat will be frozen and they’ll have an opportunity to sell it later. One Islamic militant Web site carried comments saying the swine flu was “God’s revenge against the infidels.”

Meanwhile we now have a new Health Secretary

Kathleen Sebelius Sworn In as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, saying that

“It is an honor to lead the Department of Health and Human Services and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve at such a pivotal moment in our history. I come to the Department as our nation confronts a serious public health challenge, the 2009 flu outbreak. My heart goes out to the families across the country and around the world who are feeling the impact of this health crisis.

In the coming days, I will work closely with President Obama and officials from across the government as we address this threat. I also want to recognize the dedicated staff at HHS for the work they are doing to protect public health and inform the American people about this crisis.

On my first day, I had the chance to meet some of the many professionals who serve our country here at the Department of Health and Human Services.

It is a great privilege to serve as your Secretary and I look forward to meeting more of you in the days ahead.”

Who is Kathleen Sebelius?

Secretary Sebelius has over 20 years of experience in state government, and has been a leader on health care issues for over a decade. She was first elected governor of Kansas in 2003 and was reelected in 2006. Throughout her tenure, Sebelius was lauded for her record of bipartisan accomplishment. She worked tirelessly to grow the state’s economy and to create jobs, to ensure that every Kansas child received a quality education, and to improve access to quality and affordable health care. As Governor, Sebelius expanded Kansas’ newborn screenings, put a renewed emphasis on childhood immunization and increased eligibility for children’s health coverage. More than 59,000 additional children were enrolled in health coverage during her time in office. Sebelius also worked closely with Kansas first responders and law enforcement to prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies. In 2005, Time magazine named her one of the nation’s top five governors. Married to husband, Gary, a federal magistrate judge, for 34 years, they have two sons: Ned and John.

Catching flu on planes

Vice President Joe Biden’s off-the-cuff comments about places to avoid on NBC’s “Today” show Thursday — “I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places now,” “I would not be, at this point, if they had another way of transportation, suggesting they ride the subway,” and “if you’re in a confined aircraft and one person sneezes it goes all the way through the aircraft.” — were quickly quashed by the White House and contradicted by the airlines, but what is the truth of the matter? On Matt Phillips’ WSJ Blog The Middle Seat Terminal, Dr. Mark Gendreau, vice chair of emergency medicine at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Vt. who has studied infectious disease on commercial airliners offered the following information:

Public health agencies investigated a number of tuberculosis scares on aircraft and through their investigations they found that the risk was greatest in people who were seated within two aisles of the person who is infectious…

SARS taught us a lot of things about infectious diseases on aircraft. There was a flight — Air China Flight 112 — it was a Boeing 737 that made a three-hour flight at the time with one ill gentleman on board. On that particular aircraft, which was a three-hour flight, there was a total of 21 people who developed a probable case of SARS as a consequence of being on that flight…

your exposure risk is principally close contact to that individual. And that can be any close contact such as getting up and chatting with someone seated in a different section of the flight, or — as I said before — being seated within two rows of the person on the flight…

The big thing about the two rows is that most infectious diseases — including influenza — spread by droplets. When we cough and sneeze what happens is these mucus particles, that are typically about five microns, get propelled. These droplets — which are contaminated with the virus particles — will typically be propelled or projected no more than three to five feet, which is about the distance of two rows…

Every single shred of scientific evidence and study that we know of shows that there is no diffuse contamination along the length of the aircraft cabin. That’s because the ventilation system is compartmentalized…

… what happened was that the aircraft shut down its ventilation system. I guess there were some technical problems and people were on the aircraft for about three hours with the ventilation system shut off. (They did open up the doors and let people come and go from the plane.) But more than 70% of the passengers came down with the flu, so that taught us a very important lesson. If the ventilation system isn’t working, you’re going to get infection.

26 Responses to “Rewarding (to some) A-H1N1 flu hysteria grips globe”

  1. Baby Pong Says:

    Cervantes, do you have any links that make the case that the 1918 flu was caused by vaccinations? I had heard that before, but haven’t read in depth about it. Of course, how do today’s authorities know with any certainty what caused the 1918 flu? Isn’t the “fact” that it was caused by some virus really just a theory?

    Of course we know that if a theory benefits the ruling class it will quickly be promoted to a fact. Which the media have already done, of course.

    Google “deadly virus” when you have a moment and see how many hits you get. then google “deadly chemical” and note the same. Since the ruling class own Big Pharma and the chemical firms, and the media, viruses will always be promoted as disease agents and chemicals will be downplayed in disease-inducing importance. Viruses can’t be sued, as Janine Roberts noted.

    I haven’t actually read this link, but it’s on a site that I respect. It talks about how President Ford caused many people to die from the swine flu vaccinations in 1976. He was photographed getting a vaccination himself, as was Geo. W. Bush supposedly given an anthrax vaccination. Baloney. Those were placebo vaccinations for the purpose of photo op PR. They would never dare give potentially deadly vaccinations to the president.

    Actually, I think maybe I did read that link, but it was a few years ago.

    And now the media are talking up mandatory vaccinations again due to this deathly new viral crisis…softening the public up for what’s to come…just as with the new passports that contain an electronic tracking device, to soften the public up for the devices they want to implant in us in the future, some say…

    Gee, I better shut up with all this conspiracy theorizing, otherwise Obama might cancel my dinner invitation…last thing he needs is another allegation that he associates with cwazy Amerika-hating wadicals…

  2. cervantes Says:

    Dear Pong (do you have a sibling named Ping?); Anyway, pardon the jest, I shall try to answer as clearly as humanly possible.

    There is clear documentation as to all of the U.S. Army (not yet the Navy, and there was no Air Force at the time, of course) mandated to have (newly created) vaccination injections initiated 1914, including at least three or four I already mentioned.

    These vaccinations were all new, and in reality it was a guinea pig experiment (no matter how well intentioned). But the Army was small in 1914, and collateral damage from the vaccinations was not well documented (or admitted), so small numbers* of soldiers succumbing could either be attributed to natural affliction such as pneumonia, maybe some to vaccination septicimia, or just rationalized as an unknown natural cause – or of course real disease the new vaccines did not prevent (or may have in fact brought about).

    When the U.S. geared up to go to Europe in 1917-1918, growing close to four million army soldiers, all getting the witch’s brew of vaccines (pardon my considered opinion, but these crude vaccines were nothing but toxic), also jammed together with many recruits were from rural areas who had not developed immunities to many pathogens (as opposed to urban areas where disease exposure/resistance had established strong immunities in crowded cities), the stage was set to explode in 1918-1919.

    However, “Flu” was certainly a bit player on the perimeter of the stage, in my assessment. It had, for cycles going back 40 years prior to 1918, been documented in cycles of “Flu” mortality – though a small fraction that has been attributed to 1918-19. The clincher is that the ‘Spanish Flu’ deaths were clearly noted from so many causes having nothing to do with classic flu (such as pneumonia – indeed being a sensible consequence).

    It is critical to understand that injecting all these toxins directly into flesh is as far removed as possible from natural exposure via the respiratory system or gastrointestinal tract that have evolved to attenuate/digest, or just simply shield from the alleged pathogens. A vaccine injection is not only the attenuated pathogen itself, but also a great many toxic foreign proteins, chemical adjuvants, preservatives, contaminations, etc. – all capable of setting off lethal damage.

    On top of these vaccinations going into 3.7 million soldiers, there was immense civilian deprivation of good nutrition, hard-to-imagine mental stress in the civilian populations with soldier relatives dying from cannon or disease – the scare of soldiers dying from “something.” So, many civilian populations also got vaccinated with all kinds of the same vaccinations given the soldiers. Additionally, all kinds of quick, panicked remedies were tried. Thus, a percentage quickly developed toxic reactions, died within a day or a week. Just like toxic reactions that take place today.

    Bottom line: The “flu” virus has been with us forever, and as Duesberg has succinctly said, it has a two segmented genome, opposed to almost every other ‘virus’ having a single genome. Therefore, the ‘flu’ virus can mutate, but not like the mumps virus for instance, that is not segmented, so once we get mumps naturally we are forever immune to it.

    Thus, we may always be susceptible to the ‘flu’ – and it is always testing us (to use a metaphor of sorts, since it is hardly capable of ‘outwitting’ us, as the Press or Director Fauci likes to say) – and yes, if we are 80 years old we may expire due to it, directly or indirectly. But, other than being malnourished, or weakened by vaccines, or antiviral medicines, or other toxins, or extreme old age, the flu is just part of life.

  3. Truthseeker Says:

    Cervantes, is there any chance at all of you being appointed Director of the NIH, or NIAID when Fauci is given his retirement watch? Or the director of PEPFAR, or even Surgeon General? Or have you blown your cover by expressing these intelligent conclusions in public at some point? Judging from your use of a pseudonym, you have maintained a certain politick discretion, so we hope that you still have a chance of assuming one of these posts as soon as one of the current office holders comes down with the “new, dangerous flu”.

    It would be pleasant to contemplate the future of health policy in this country if someone sensible, mentally active and neurologically efficient (ie with actual working synapses) could assume one or more of these posts, and it is clear that you are eminently qualified in these regards and seasoned enough to assume one of them at short notice.

    Alas, the prospect is probably not realistic, we conclude after further thought. But it would be nice. Kindly inform us if there is the slightest possibility. After all, the precedent has been set in the presidency where the office is now held by a man who though only 47 can master a large number of major fields in only 100 days (Wall Street, the auto industry, foreign wars, diplomacy, health, the economy, etc) after achieving success in something which only half of the country can master ie marriage, and he came out of the blue also.

    Surely there must be some way to elevate Obama’s choices so far in this field, for example,
    Obama Nominates Goosby For AIDS Relief Chief

  4. cervantes Says:

    Morning thoughts: As of Monday morning, virtually all public reportage in newspapers available on the web cites that the diaspora of identified H1N1 flu patients in the U.S. have all recovered, and had but “mild” cases. However, and very insidiously, most of these news reports also cite the patients have been given antivirals to aid their recovery.

    These articles giving credit to antiviral drugs sets in the public mind the cruel misconception that antiviral drugs are essential to save the day when any (future) cyclical flu bug occurs. There are abundant medical studies, with even the drug makers concurring (up to a week ago), that ALL of the approved four antiviral drugs (Tamiflu, Relenza, Symmetrel, Flumadine; respectively ‘oseltamivir’ – ‘zanamavir’ – ‘amantadine’ – ‘remantidine’) are only somewhat, possibly, effective if given within 24 hours or so of the onset of symptoms, timing that of course had no bearing on any U.S. or other worldwide cases.

    Yet, the news accounts still give antiviral drugs mythical credit – with the drug companies no doubt cleverly urging on our Health Generals who pronounce that tens of millions of doses are being shipped, and new orders to make more. It’s all a grand show, the Generals acting strong and proving they are protecting us by immediately ordering antivirals to march to the The Front.

    Most importantly, there are numerous studies that document the potential mortal risks of all these four antivirals. But, the worst drug that tops these four, ribavirin, has not been mentioned specifically in any news, though it may have been given to some of those in Mexico, and perhaps to the toddler in Houston. The toddler’s stay for two weeks in the Houston hospital, yet dying, belies deep undercurrents of probable toxic drug treatments, particularly ribavirin, since virtually all medicos are still in the dark about ribavirin directly killing so many in the SARS debacle.

    So, the CDC and Fauci et al., with the nation’s press gladly joining in, have all deeply established that not only must new vaccines be rushed into probable manufacture, but they also have deeply, and falsely, established we should all rely on “antiviral” drugs to ward off influenza. If implemented fully in the future, both these medical prongs can only bring self-ordained, and repeated disaster.

    In all of this, the advocates of nutrition, sensible weight, exercise, and diet supplements for every year’s long, dark season are paid no heed whatsoever – despite many studies showing Vitamin D taken during the dark months (when almost nobody gets sun exposure, particularly in our modern offices and enclosed vehicles) correlates to never getting the flu.

    Addressing the Mexican anomaly of 19 purported deaths, it must be wondered if they “clustered” in combination with perhaps misapplied toxic agricultural chemicals, neighborhoods having filthy sanitation, etc. – in combination with panicked medicos giving dangerous treatment drugs. Sometimes, correlation actually is valid – particularly when it is the most elegant and logical – and with no other H1N1 fatalities anywhere in the world but Mexico. A grand panic it has been, beautifully orchestrated.

  5. cervantes Says:

    ps: As to Goosby being the new PEPFAR Chief, and his cited record of being in on the beginning of AIDS at San Francisco General in the early 1980’s.

    That would put Goosby at age 28, and just starting out (after his intern years, etc.), under the guidance of experienced doctors such as Donald Abrams, Lawry Kaplan, Marcus Conant, Paul Volberding, etc., all who fell extra hard for the “virus-caused” dawning epidemic, and treating with about two dozen extra-toxic drugs (that I have listed on past contributions to this site). Thus, was the small camp-fire epidemic raised to conflagration of the entire forest.

    AND, one of the principal drugs administered by Abrams, etc., was ribavirin, winked at as it was smuggled from Mexico in 1983-1984 to the gay community doctors, and the doctors at San Francisco General. Ribavirin keeps turning up on every medical scene where there is a high percentage of mortality of epidemic-treated patients, yet the good doctors keep enthusiastically plying their trade (actually, I’m working on a book about this — but since it is destined to lose money, publication is in doubt).

    Anyway, as doctors most all go, Dr. Goosby was trained to not think, just follow edicts, and evidently has it etched in his stone brain that “hiv” causes AIDS. Very intriguing is that Dr. Donald Abrams (above) did a complete about-face around 1995, and starting advocating against any anti-hiv drugs, or until a patient became deathly ill – and he has left the allopathic scene for gentler, herbal practice, perhaps atoning for his sins.

    So, the good Dr. Goosby will carry on, saluting snappily to General Fauci and Obama – and getting Africans on the antivirals.

  6. Baby Pong Says:

    TS, excellent idea. I will use my influence with Obama to promote the idea of Cervantes as the new CDC chief. I will subtly bring the subject up when I have pizza with him next week at the White House. I am confident I can make it happen.

  7. cervantes Says:

    Very amusing, Baby Pong – are you having anchovies, mushrooms, extra garlic, I hope;? their omega 3’s will do you well!

    In the far past, I did actually cruise through the back guard entrance to the White House on quite a few occasions – in a ’48 leaded-in Ford Coupe, naugahyde seats no less (naugas are now extinct), to pick up my father who was a rather well known mainstay in the West Wing where the press held court.

    I’m afraid my entry would not be so casual in this day and age — even though I had verifiable ‘top secret’ clearance a long time ago. Btw, you do know that AIDS is a National Security Issue, so the CIA et al. sits in on the National Security Council on this topic? It’s quite laughable, but the CIA lists virtually all countries at about ten times the AIDS mortality that is actually reported by respective national agencies – it’s called job security, just like the CDC and the World of Fauci.

  8. cervantes Says:

    ps: well, it’s been a long day — ‘secret’ may be just as appropriate! TS, why don’t you have spellcheck?

    (We do have spellcheck, but in ye olde, traditional form of the resident butler, who performs the duty after the plates have been cleared away and the brandy served.- Ed.)

  9. Truthseeker Says:

    “with Obama”

    It is indeed encouraging Pong that you are to visit the White House next week and share a meal with the Commander in Chief, particular pizza, which implies a working lunch, one hopes before the entire West Wing is down with the “new, dangerous flu”. For this is the appropriate response to your initiative that we expected from our new national headmaster and global leader, whose community organizer instincts impel him to be agreeable to and listen to all points of view patiently and with forbearance, even Hugo Chavez’s critique of American capitalism, which George Bush was unable to overlook. since it went so far as to put him down as a convert to socialism:

    Chavez, who describes capitalism as evil, ridiculed Mr Bush for his plan to buy stocks in American banks despite his widespread criticism of Venezuelan nationalisations. “Bush is to the left of me now,” Mr Chavez told an audience at a debate on the benefits of socialism. “Comrade Bush announced he will buy shares in private banks.” Chavez, who has insulted Mr Bush in the past as a drunkard or the devil, accused him of parroting the words of his aides without understanding the new policies that rely on heavy state intervention. “I am convinced he has got no idea what’s going on,” said Mr Chavez, who has nationalised large parts of the Venezuelan economy in recent years and is in negotiations to take over a Spanish bank.

    We have noticed, however, a tendency for Obama to credit those already in occupation of the high perches of a system rather more readily than more objective independent observers who are, typically, relatively free of self-interest by comparison, and even choose the former for staff and Cabinet, so we hope that you can also flourish insider credentials. If not, which we fully understand, since the number of people who can live within an established system in modern US society and maintain an objective viewpoint open to all data is notoriously low, a truth to which we would like to think President Obama forms an exception, but are beginning to wonder if he does, we would suggest also adopting the Science Guardian patented Wife/Secretary Approach as a back up strategy.

    In other words, when you rise to shake Michelle’s hand when she comes in to ask the Pres whether he would like to eat in or go to Ben’s Chili Bowl after work, don’t fail to establish some kind of connection with her as well, perhaps by giving her a DVD of FOOD INC, and a copy of Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire, since despite the First Couple’s too relaxed culinary tastes there seems in the light of her veg garden in back of the White House a small chance that she may be interested in traveling further along the road to nutritional enlightenment, at least on behalf of their delightfully happy children. In fact, come to think of it, perhaps you should give her a present for them, that should win her heart.

    Anyhow, we feel that as an alternative the objective might be to influence Obama indirectly through his lovely, tall and extremely strong legged wife, since like all men married to women far more enlightened than they are, he is, ultimately, at her beck and call, and unable to resist her smallest whim for long, since the counter strategy of a wife scorned is more influential in a household than the threat of nuclear attack is on the level of international diplomacy.

  10. Baby Pong Says:

    Cervantes: garlic, yum, mushrooms, yum, anchovies, YUK…is how I feel about this matter.

    I did indeed know that the CIA was involved with the promotion of hiv as clinton declared it a national security issue, and very strongly suspect their involvement in the destruction of our beloved Christine and her child, by way of the “black ops” for which the agency is notorious.

    I also can see through the smokescreen of “CIA torture” that the media seem obsessed with. When the media give big coverage to something that they would normally censor, you can bet there’s an ulterior motive. In this case, the CIA torture issue is a disinformation device. By exposing such “shocking” information, they give the false impression:

    1) that the media are real watchdogs for the public interest, printing the ugly truth about what the powerful do

    2) that the CIA sometimes go overboard in their “desire to protect the American people.”

    CIA had to torture, see, to get to the perpetrators of “9-11” and protect us from more terrorist attacks.

    This neatly deactivates the suspicion, backed by enormous evidence, that the CIA themselves are the terrorists, and were behind “9-11.”

    Not that I doubt the agency has tortured people at Gitmo. But the torture, and the confinement of Arabs at Gitmo, probably has more to do with their need to find some Arab who, with a bit of plastic surgery, can be made to resemble Bin Laden, so they can finally “capture” him, parade him before the TV cameras and then hang him. Case closed.

    Cervantes has now given enough clues that the agency can probably figure out who he is, if they want to.

    Not that it matters. I don’t think they’re worried about the handful of bookish skeptics on a site like this…what they go after are the big, highly publicized skeptics like Christine, who give them an opportunity to make a dramatic impression with the masses who know no logic, but only bread and circuses, as they await the Second Coming (which I have long predicted would happen eventually, staged by the agency, with the help of an outfit like Industrial Light and Magic, at a point when the elite are under unprecedented threat). And Jesus will speaketh to the angry uprising masses: “Leave the rich alone.”

    Actually, I’m sure they already know who we all are.

  11. cervantes Says:

    Pong, I’ll go along with the pizza lunch, why not? There are plenty of books citing the extreme dangers of vaccinations. Earlier, you asked for a reference, pardon my delay.

    Just google “NVIC” – National Vaccine Information Center – go to the Resources, then Books. Plenty to chose from, you might read some yourself.

    An excerpt from the book “How To Raise a Healthy Child: In Spite of Your Doctor” written over 20 years ago, is even more relevant today. This Tuesday morning, the Health Brass, so aptly shown in pics above by TS, ominously keep telling us that “the Fall season” may bring a new onslaught of a deadlier H1N1. Of course, it’s fair to note that even a fatality of one is greater than zero – the Mexican child, most probable an iatrogenic case, is in the grey area of stats keeping.

    The ignorance, or perhaps cowardice, of the Press in failing to criticize the iatrogenic dangers of all the “antiviral” drugs, along with these drugs being entirely ineffective in a beneficial sense, yet promoted and extolled by the Brass is breathtaking (but not quite so much as Mine That Bird in winning the Kentucky Derby in a display of acceleration only heretofore seen in Secretariat).

    Flu shots—Dr Mendelsohn MD (author of the above book):

    “I never can think about flu shots without remembering a wedding I once attended. Strangely enough, no grandparents were among the participants, and no one who was present seemed to be over 60. When I asked where all the older folks were, I was told they had all received their flu shots a few days before, and they all were at home, recovering from the ill effects of the shots:

    The flu vaccine’s efficacy and potency still are subjects of great debate, particularly since the strains covered by one year’s vaccine often fail to correspond to whatever strains are causing flu at that particular time. The entire effort resembles a game of roulette in which, in any given year, the numbers may or may not match the strains.

    We were all afforded a peek into the real dangers of the flu vaccine in 1976 when close governmental surveillance of one strain, the swine flu vaccine, disclosed that 565 cases of Guillain—Barre paralysis were associated with this vaccine, as were the unexplained deaths of 30 elderly persons. One wonders how much more would be known about the ill effects of flu shots if this kind of surveillance had been exercised over everyone who had received other forms of flu vaccine over the years.

    What’s ahead for the future? A vaccine has been developed for Russian flu which Dr. John Seal of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease says may cause the same paralyzing Guillain—Barre syndrome. “We have to go on the basis that any and all flu vaccines are capable of causing Guillain—Barre,” Dr. Seal says. Again, we are quick to pull the immunization trigger, but we are slow to examine the consequences of our actions.”

  12. Baby Pong Says:

    I wasn’t looking for references about the general unhealthiness of vaccines, Cervantes. I’ve already read a lot about that. I was seeking references and more reading material specifically about the idea that the 1918 flu was caused primarily by vaccinations.

    Did you read Janine Roberts’ tremendously interesting expose about the polio vaccine? It appeared in The Ecologist a few years ago and is googlable.

  13. Baby Pong Says:

    Also, Obama didn’t invite you for pizza, Cervantes, he invited me. I could request that he invite you as well, but then the White House chef would have to put anchovies on the pizza, precipitating a diplomatic crisis as I would refuse to eat it. The media would jump on the story and use it to further discredit our wonderful Abraham Lincum prexy so his questioning of hiv-aids would not be believed by the public.

  14. Baby Pong Says:

    Cervantes wrote:
    “The ignorance, or perhaps cowardice, of the Press in failing to criticize the iatrogenic dangers of all the “antiviral” drugs, along with these drugs being entirely ineffective in a beneficial sense, yet promoted and extolled by the Brass is breathtaking”

    It isn’t ignorance or cowardice, it is economic self-interest. The media will not publish stories that discredit pharma because pharma are one of their biggest advertisers. also the media publishers are billionaire members of the ruling class who have a stake in public acceptance of the status quo, thus avoiding “instability” that would be caused by public rage and uprising if they ever learned the truth. Many media honchos and leading journalists are members of elitist conspiratorial groups like Bilderberg and CFR. and many many reporters are covert cia assets. (this is documented, but i don’t want to spend the time to find you a link)

  15. Truthseeker Says:

    Pong, we are alarmed at your Comment above which seems likely to endanger your appointment at the White House, and anyway may have to be edited to remove silly things such as imagining the press/media need an ulterior motive to investigate the torture conducted by the previous administration sadistically, unlawfully and uselessly, most often on innocent Afghani sheep herders.

    This outrage was well covered by Frontline tonight on PBS NYC 13 and it was clear that many inside the administration were horrified and risked their careers to object, and the issue of who should be prosecuted for flouting the law of the land remains alive, despite Obama’s politick reluctance to countenance prosecution.

    One development today is that the lawyers involved may be referred to their bar association and be banned forever from practicing the law they helped betray, thus endangering all members of the armed forces who will fall into enemy hands in future.

    It is absurd to suggest that the media need some other basis to cover this hugely important issue than the previous administration have been caught red handed in illegal activity of a particularly heinous nature without a shred of justification, pace the fantasies of the exciting Fox show “24”, which was one of Bush and Cheney’s favorites, we hear, where in every episode the only way to find out where the nuclear/biobomb is to beat up or threaten to beat up the only person who knows the answer at that juncture.

    Once again we congratulate commentators such as Pong in their faith in democracy and its main plank that ordinary folk are wise, but in this case we have an example of how plain dumb rather than just kleptomaniacal the people at the top can be if they are allowed to steal the Oval Office and fight a war. That as well as the illegality of it makes torture a juicy subject for endless debate and coverage. The honorable folk at the media are simply doing their job.

    And any idea that the CIA plotted 9-11 is such tripe that we may even find time to deliver the post we promised long ago refuting it which was overtaken by world economic meltdown.

    Also, “bookish” as in well researched? May we remind you that President Obama is an academic of stature, in combination with his other qualifications?

  16. Baby Pong Says:

    Tripe? What does our esteemed moderator make of this?

    Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

  17. cervantes Says:

    Baby Pong — Sorry I didn’t flip back to see your more specific request re !918-1919 ref(s). I shall retrieve one or two, and convey with alacrity (I have a day job to get to). But, first think about this beforehand: Before the ’18 -’19 episode, there had been many documented “flu” episodes with distinctly higher rates compared to ‘background” – and never any distinct, repeatable intervals. Certainly undesirable, but nothing catastrophic.

    I would agree that the H$N$ virus entity can always have new versions/strains, continuously, with its new H$N$ makeup not seasonal dependent. Hence, ever since 1918 the human race has been exposed to H$N$ ‘mutating’ in virtually infinite variety (I don’t like this generic word, but for simplicity will use it anyway). But in 90 years, one of these “asteroid” variations has not struck, and this defies probability (an understatement).

    Populations around the globe in the last 90 years since 1918 have had incredible periods of deprivation, stress, pollution (industrial, agricultural, etc.), malnutrition, on and on – yet other than some very minor, dubious (once the hype dies) sporadic events such as the Hong Kong, Asian, and Swine flu, nothing remotely close to the 1918 episode has happened – and with air travel of hundreds of millions of people every year now (in fact, I submit air travel/dissemination of pathogens makes us all healthier, as opposed to the hype air travel can send a pandemic worldwide before we know it!).

    Two points: If the ’18-’19 episode is factually determined to be not from a disease pathogen, then the whole foundation for today’s Flu fears evaporate as San Francisco fog by noon (as to its fatalities, there were British/Australian scientist papers published stating that China fatalities, and India if similarly evaluated, were exaggerated by 10, based on flawed extrapolation. I mean, really, think about it, nobody was actually counting the alleged 10-20 million Chinese or Indian corpses and identifying cause of death. So, real “flu” fatalities go down to 2 or 3 million worldwide over TWO YEARS, and not the ridiculous number of up to 50-100 million, such as touted by Laurie Garrett and other great Fearmeisters.

    Second: If the ’18-’19 episode’s toll of 600-000 – 650,000 American deaths (‘experts’ vary) breaks down, after background Flu deaths and typical pneumonia deaths are adjusted for, to say 500,000, over two years, and then objective evaluation shows the massive vaccination campaigns that took place then (refs to come) literally caused the deaths, just like non-flu toxic shock that still happens today (don’t forget, the anecdotes always carted out are about someone got it in the morning, turned black, died by nightfall – unlike any flu before or since), the whole premise of a repetition of ’18-’19 vanishes, and do all immense profits of the vaccine companies, as does the herding-power of CDC and Fauci et al. We really do agree on the politics involved — not that we didn’t before. But, I’m afraid, as in hiv/aids, only our individual lifeboats can be paddled successfully away from these Titanics – as the herds we have deserted go down with their only their common faith intact.

    As usual, pardon any typos, I am in a bit of a rush.

  18. cervantes Says:

    Baby Pong, and everybody – Here’s two fundamental references about vaccinations and the U.S. Military during WWI, and leading up to it.

    A word if I might, I have tried to emulate Kary Mullis (in his case, vainly re hiv) and have searched for basic publishings, not just repeating oft-repeated critics and doctors (and there are many) that have published about vaccination dangers, spanning from 1919 to today. What is below is basic documentation, though the doctors at that time are now dead – so personal interviews will have to wait.

    What I have pasted into the entry box, I leave up to the discretion of our honorable Science Guardian editor to shorten. Blast! Now, however, I see my underlinings of the individual vaccinations have been left out by this blog software. But, all in all, it’s only a 20 minute read, and worth every minute. You just have to be focused.

    It is worth noting that Military ‘flu’ fatalities were close to 1 and 1/3% of those serving; whereas U.S. civilian ‘flu’ deaths were close to .43 of 1% of the U.S. population, thus the military had at least a 3 times ‘flu’ fatality rate. This jives with 100% of the military getting lots of vaccinations, but a much smaller percentage of panicking civilians joining in. Enjoy! Cervantes

    Excerpts from




    U. S. ARMY



    VOL. II



    The first case of influenza of the present epidemic reported among troops in the United States appeared September 7 at Camp Devens. The disease was not at once recognized, the fulminating character of the infection suggesting cerebrospinal meningitis. Cases appeared on September 8 and the following days, the number rapidly increasing day by day. The height of the epidemic was reached on September 20, 13 days after the appearance of the first recognized case. By the 30th of September this one camp had reported about 10,000 cases of influenza, nearly 2,000 cases of pneumonia, and 500 deaths from a command of approximately 45,000 men. This brief description of the course of the epidemic at Camp Devens may fairly be applied ‘o all other Army camps which were subsequently infected. The disease extended rapidly, other camps being attacked in the following order and on the dates indicated:

    In August, 1918, the Army Medical School prepared a vaccine against pneumonia, containing pneumococci of types 1, 2. and 3. and this vaccine was used on more than a hundred thousand men without any bad results. The degree of protection given by the vaccine is still being studied and statistics are not yet readv as to the number of vaccinated men who developed pneumonia. The determination of the value of the vaccine was made unexpectedly difficult by the outbreak of influenza, which began during the following month. The vaccine, like that used by Lister in South Africa and by Austin and Cecil in this country, was designed to give protection against primary lobar pneumonia and secondary pneumonias, like those following influenza, had not been taken into consideration. The difficulty of eliminating influenza pneumonias from the tables had made the compilation quite laborious. It may be said, however, that there is apparently good clinical and laboratory evidence, for believing that a considerable degree of protection can be given, however, bv such a vaccine.

    Studies on the etiologv. pathology, and bacteriology of influenza were carried out energetically throughout the Army. Many reports have already appeared, and additional studies are still being carried on, both at camps and the Army Medical School, upon which reports may soon be expected. There is no room for doubt but that it was the same disease with which we had to deal throughout the United States, as showed by the clinical course of the disease and the pathological specimens which have been sent, into the- Army Medical Museum. Yet the bacteriological reports are not uniform, although in the greater number of the laboratories the influenza bacillus of Pfeiffer was regularly found at some portion of the respiratory tract, sometimes in pure culture, though more often in association with other organisms capable of growing in the lung. At a few camps quite contrary findings were reported. In addition, the influenza bacillus was found in many persons who were either not ill at all or who were suffering from some other disease. At the Walter Reed a series of lung punctures were made on influenza pneumonias with the result of finding a pure culture of bacillus influenza in most of the cases. The significance of this finding is still being investigated. There is considerable diversity of opinion as to the importance of the influenza bacillus and, as the question is by no means settled, extensive studies have been planned and are being carried out at the Army Medical School, which at the time of reporting promise to contribute to our knowledge of the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease.

    Epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, while prevalent, particularly after influenza, did not become alarming, and very little new was developed. Some studies already published show that there are reasonable grounds for believing that chronic carriers are immune to the disease, and also that vaccination is theoretically possible and that, if necessary, large numbers of troops could be immunized against the disease. Very little work was necessary to control the few chronic carriers; two incipient epidemics were apparently easily controlled by the recognition of the carriers, who yielded as a rule to medical or surgical treatment after a time.

    In the early part of the year, the number of chronic carriers was so great that a special camp in Florida was planned for their reception and treatment, but. with the advent of better weather in the spring, the number rapidly diminished and it never became necessary to establish the carrier camp.

    Triple typhoid vaccine was manufactured throughout the year at the Army Medical School in ample quantities. From August 1. 1918. to March 12, 1919. triple typhoid lip vaccines were in use, but. as they were adopted as a war measure and as some details regarding their manufacture needed further investigation, and the question of their value as protective agents was in question, their use was discontinued and the use of the saline triple typhoid vaccine was resumed.

    For troops in the United States, as a whole, the epidemic may be said to have run its course within a period of about eight weeks. For each individual camp the duration of the epidemic was about four weeks. Thus the period from September 15 to November 15 represents the period of abnormal high mortality due to influenza-pneumonia- Subsequent to November 15 influenza continued in nearly all camps, but with relatively few cases in comparison with those reported during the height of the epidemic. The influenza appearing subsequent to November 15 was, as a rule, less virulent and less frequently complicated by pneumonia. The mortality rates subsequent to November 15 approximated those obtaining during the corresponding period of 1917.

    In France the epidemic followed much the same course and extended over much the same period of time as in the United States. The high-water mark for deaths from influenza and pneumonia among troops in the United States was 6,160 for the week ending October 11 and in the American Expeditionary Forces, France, 1,451 for the week ending October 17, 1918. There were approximately 1,600,000 officers and men in the United States and the same number in the American Expeditionary Forces, France, during the months of September, October, November, and December, 1918. It is of interest to note that the disease was much less prevalent and fatal among our troops of the Expeditionary Forces than among troops in the United States. During the last four months of 1918 deaths from influenza and pneumonia number 22,186 in the United States and 8.842 in the American Expeditionary Forces, France, the respective commands being of approximately equal strength. The question arises. Why should the disease have been much more fatal in camps in the United States than among our troops abroad ? These explanations suggest themselves:

    In comparing sick rates for the month of December, 1917 and 1918, it will be noted that in December, 1918, fewer cases of measles, scarlet fever, and meningitis are appearing, while influenza has taken the place of the three diseases mentioned in maintaining sick rates at about the same level as last year. The pneumonia of December, 1317. was, as a rule, a complication of measles and scarlet fever. The pneumonia of 1918 is almost entirely a complication of influenza. The comparative freedom from measles, scarlet fever, and meningitis in the last quarter of the calendar year 1918, and the first half of the year 1919, was probably due to the fact that new, unseasoned men were no longer coming into Army camps, and that the men already in camps had passed through epidemics of camp diseases and were relatively immune. For the greater part of the period up to the outbreak of the influenza epidemic new men were pouring into the camps at the rate of about 200,000 per month. From the date of the signing of the armistice, Novermber 11, all draft calls were canceled. The statistics of sickness and death among troops in camps in the United States for the winters of 1917- 18 and 1918-19 will not be properly comparable as no new men have been inducted during the latter period. Further, the conditions in Army camps were more favorable in other respects for the winter of 1918-19 than for the previous winter; construction work had all been completed, ample hospital facilities were ready, camp machinery was moving smoothly, supplies and personnel were adequate and satisfactory, and the criticisms of unpreparedness which were directed against the Medical Department in 1917 (for which the Medical Department was not responsible), could no longer in fairness or truth be made in the winter of 1918-19.

    The laboratory railroad cars, Metchnikoff, Reed, and Lister, were continued in service throughout the year. One was sent to Camp Wheeler to serve as an extra base laboratory for work in controlling the study of pneumonia and pneumococcus vaccinations at that camp. One was used at Camp Funston, Kans., Camp Pike, and Little Rock, Ark., by the pneumonia commission in their study of pneumococcus, streptococcus, and influenzal pneumonias. One was used at the Army laboratory school at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., and also at the laboratory school at Fort Leavenworth, Kans., until it was discontinued there and transferred to Yale University, New Haven, Conn. As a provision for providing for emergency work, they proved superior to any other mobile or transportable laboratory, and were very satisfactory agencies in the control of epidemics of infectious disease. In the future they should be provided with motor cycles and side cars, since it is often necessary to park them in inaccessible locations in the camp, and the crew needs some form of transportation for themselves and the materials to be examined to and from the patients in the hospitals and the troops in barracks. The distances to.be traveled during a single day amount to many miles.

    Triple typhoid vaccine was manufactured throughout the year ;\t the Army Medical School in ample quantities. From August 1. 1918. to March 12, 1919. triple typhoid lip vaccines were in use, but. as they were adopted as a war measure and as some details regarding their manufacture needed further investigation, and the question of their value as protective agents was in question, their use was discontinued and the use of the saline triple typhoid vaccine was resumed.


    Immunization to Protect the U.S. Armed Forces:
    Heritage, Current Practice, Prospects
    John D. Grabenstein, RPh, PhD *
    Phillip R. Pittman, MD, MPH †
    John T. Greenwood, PhD *
    Renata J. M. Engler, MD #
    * Office of the Surgeon General, U. S. Army, Falls Church, Virginia
    † U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, Maryland
    # Allergy-Immunology Department, Vaccine Healthcare Centers Network, Walter Reed
    Army Medical Center, Washington, DC

    Smallpox vaccine:

    Military training camps continued to administer smallpox vaccine during World War I. (26) There were 853 smallpox admissions (780 within the United States) with 14 deaths. In 1919, an American citizen named Charles Higgins sent an angry and lengthy manuscript to President
    Woodrow Wilson, pleading that he stop smallpox vaccination for Armed Forces, listing both true and erroneous risks of smallpox vaccination. (27) But vaccination continued through the decades, successfully, leading eventually to a global vaccination program that eradicated naturally occurring smallpox infection from the planet. (19)

    (My note: This excerpt cites the administering of smallpox vaccine during World War I, not cited in the first reference. C.)

    19. Fenner F, Henderson DA, Arita I, Jezek Z, Ladnyi ID. Smallpox and Its Eradication. Geneva: World Health Organization, 1988.

    Pfeiffer’s bacillus Vaccine:

    During 1918-19, a worldwide outbreak of viral influenza killed 25 to 50 million people, over 1% of the world population. (3, 4, 6, 12, 13, 16, 43, 76-79) This pandemic caused the greatest loss of life from any cause in such a short period of time throughout history. More than 500,000 deaths occurred in the U.S. The global death toll was comparably staggering. The world-wide pandemic killed more Americans than the military death tolls of all of America’s wars in the 20th century combined. Scientists tried a vaccine against Pfeiffer’s bacillus (now called Haemophilus influenzae) in the mistaken belief that the epidemic had a bacterial cause, but the effort naturally failed to quell the tragedy. (80-82)

    (My note: The authors accept the toll of 25-50 million without scrutiny. I include this excerpt as it mentions one more vaccine against ‘Pfeiffer’s bacillus’ that was tried to ‘quell the tragedy.’ C.).

    Tetanus vaccine:

    Traumatic injuries complicated by tetanus spores within wounds were a major cause of morbidity and mortality until World War I. Passive immunization with tetanus antitoxin was relatively effective. But it had a harsh side-effect profile, notably a systemic hypersensitivity reaction known as serum sickness, due to its equine protein content.

    (My note: ‘Passive immunization’ tetanus vaccine usually means given after a wound or injury exposure, in training or in theatre, so it’s clear a significant percentage of troops would have had this tetanus antitoxin. C)

    Pneumococcal Disease:

    Early tests of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccines occurred at Camp Upton, New York, and Camp Wheeler, Georgia, in 1918-19.

  19. gangstalking Says:

    Hi Baby Pong,

    “Isn’t the “fact” that it was caused by some virus really just a theory?”

    Not as far as I know. Remember they did go and dig up dead bodies from that time period in the arctic, and that’s how they were able to get virus samples from 1918. They studied it to find out what caused the virus to act so differently, what caused it to kill the healthy and leave the old and the young primarily unaffected.

    The reason was the shape of the virus, or something like that and how it hooked onto the lungs of the healthy, vs children and the elderly. I can find you a link if you want, but to answer your question, they did a couple of expeditions to the arctic a few years back and dug up live samples and have been busy studying it. I suspect to mix it with something else to eventually cull some off the population, but we will just have to wait and see.

  20. Truthseeker Says:

    C and G; If vaccines are the culprit for the sudden huge death rate from flu in 1918 (removing the Russian and Chinese exaggeration), wouldn’t the Arctic exhumations discover an ordinary virus of no great variation? Don’t they have something which is unique and sizeably different about the Arctic sample?

    Sorry we missed the PBS NYC 13 projection of the 1918 Flu Pandemic in the Series Secrets of the Dead tonight and not sure when it will be repeated, otherwise of course we would already know the answer to these questions.

    Pong, your ref site records a paper saying an explosive of some kind was found in the ashes of the WTC. If this is true, it raises innumerable questions, but the chief one that occurs to us is if so, why didn’t it explode in the heat of the non Al-Q explosions it is meant to indicate? Some of it didn’t get fused correctly? Sorry, but it is not easy to see why one should take it seriously enough to think about it, except for the distinguished quality of your mind.

  21. Baby Pong Says:

    I haven’t read the paper, Gangstalking, but digging up a few bodies in the arctic, finding a virus in them (undoubtedly there were MANY kinds of viruses in them, as there are in us all) and then extrapolating that this PROVES that the global Spanish flu was caused by this virus, doesn’t sound like it meets Koch’s postulate or Pong’s postulate for proof of causation.

  22. Baby Pong Says:

    Thanks for posting that, Cervantes. I shall read it later.

    I must amend what I wrote about the real reason for the torture at Gitmo. Another reason was probably that torturing Arabs is an effective way to facilitate brainwashing them into believing that they really were involved in planning “9-11.” Mind control — it’s a science that the agency have been very involved with for many decades, beginning I believe with their “MK Ultra” program.

    Torture and brainwashing are very good at eliciting “confessions” as we have already seen from Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the supposed “mastermind.” (Huh? I thought Bin Laden was the mastermind!)

    But I will take this opportunity to go out on a limb and predict that Obama will catch Osama during his first term. But he will not be the real Osama, who is dead. He will be an agency fake.

    As for our host’s naive ideas gleaned from a US government produced faux-expose propaganda program like “Frontline,” I can only offer this:

    President Obama Won’t Rule Out Torture

  23. cervantes Says:

    Folks, let us amateurs agree that protein/molecular/RNA structure of virus remnants found in people buried around 1919 (as also concurred by virologists today) included that of H1N1. So what? These corpses of course had fingerprints of dozens of other viruses and fungus and bacteria.

    Even if the 1919 virus sample had a different protein “re-assortment” (the term bandied about today) than any other, it merely demonstrates that H1N1 has, and will always have, a variety of strains (another bit of jargon equally bandied about). And, some will always be somewhat pathogenic if we humans are elderly, not well nourished, including lack of sunlight/Vitamin D, whatever.

    The dramatic finding of H1N1 in the ’19 dead means absolutely nothing. Other than a willing and gullible scientific community being led by its collective snout (moooore $moola for us!). As in kuru, no less, and do I dare mention a retrovirus beginning with an “H” and an “I.”

    Ok, my professional credentials include the world of thermodynamics (fancy word for heat transfer), and I’ve read Pong’s document on the thermitic particles. Actually, many, many substances are very, very explosive even at cool temperatures – grain silos do blow up.

    As to the thermitic particles in question, the temperatures and pressures happening with the planes smashing into the buildings, the explosions, the fuel and materials reaching very high temperatures, the immense pressures of the weights of the buildings as they collapsed on lower floor materials: all kinds of new materials’ production went on. What is the new themitic material? I’m not sure it matters.

    I do know my office manager had just passed over the 14th St. Potomac river bridge, going south in her car, was literally adjacent the Pentagon, when she saw the 767 careening at 500 miles per hours just above late commuter traffic on U.S. 395, and smash into the Pentagon – clipping a dozen lamp posts as it reached ground level and the Pentagon simultaneously. I heard the 767 hit, but thought it was an Air force fighter rashly breaking the sound barrier during a flyover at an Arlington Cemetery burial, next door to the Pentagon.

  24. cervantes Says:

    ps to Gangstalking, Actually, during 1918-’91 the very young and the elderly did have typical ‘flu’ mortality. Most often, the literal cause of death was really from pneumonia, as it is today*, but ‘flu’ is cited as the precursor, thus the ’cause.’

    However, since 4 million of those aged 18+ in the military, and many, many millions of adult civilians, received multiple crude vaccinations that no doubt (in my assessment) were contaminated and/or preserved with unknown toxins (don’t forget, the flu in 1918 was termed to be from a bacteria), it starts to make sense why the normally “healthiest” demographic group was stricken.

    *I amend: today, perhaps most flu deaths are from iatrogenic cause – from antiviral and similarly toxic drug therapies. Just called pneumonia.

  25. gangstalking Says:

    Hi cervantes,

    Sorry I had not meant to say that they did not die, but that the mortality rate is normally greater for those demographics then for the others. Thanks for catching that.

  26. Truthseeker Says:

    Cervantes, with respect, are you saying the 1918 die off of 2 million or so was normal flu plus vaccines?

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