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Qualified outsiders and maverick insiders are often right about the need to replace received wisdom in science and society, as the history of the Nobel prize shows. This blog exists to back the best of them in their uphill assault on the massively entrenched edifice of resistance to and prejudice against reviewing, let alone revising, ruling ideas. In support of such qualified dissenters and courageous heretics we search for scientific paradigms and other established beliefs which may be maintained only by the power and politics of the status quo, comparing them with academic research and the published experimental and investigative record.

We especially defend and support the funding of honest, accomplished, independent minded and often heroic scientists, inventors and other original thinkers and their right to free speech and publication against the censorship, mudslinging, false arguments, ad hominem propaganda, overwhelming crowd prejudice and internal science politics of the paradigm wars of cancer, AIDS, evolution, global warming, cosmology, particle physics, macroeconomics, health and medicine, diet and nutrition.


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Mandela’s tragedy as AIDS propagandist

On Saturday at a rock concert in Norway Nelson Mandela spoke out once again for redoubled aid for AIDS in Africa, as the G8 agreed to forgive $40 billion in debt owed by poor nations.

Mandela asks the “haves” to open the door to hope.

Nelson Mandela joined some of the world’s top musicians Saturday in pressing the rich world to act against Aids in sub-Saharan Africa. “We live in a world where the Aids pandemic threatens the very fabric of our lives,” the Nobel Peace prize winner said at a star-studded pop concert in Tromsoe, northern Norway. “Yet we spend more money on weapons than on ensuring treatment and support for the millions infected by HIV.”

More than 15,000 people watched stars including Annie Lennox, former Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant and Peter Gabriel perform inside the Arctic Circle under a clear sky and midnight sun. The 86-year-old former South African president hosted the concert, which was sponsored by the Norwegian parliament, as part of his “46664” anti-Aids campaign – named after his prison number during his 27 years in jail under apartheid. Mandela, who has appeared frail in recent public engagements, smiled broadly and waved to thunderous applause on a giant stage flanked by the sea and snow-capped mountains.

Here is the full text of a news report:



Mandela urges developed nations to act against Aids

L’Express (Port Louis)


June 14, 2005

Posted to the web June 14, 2005

By Gordon Bell

Port Louis

Mandela asks the “haves” to open the door to hope.

Nelson Mandela joined some of the world’s top musicians Saturday in pressing the rich world to act against Aids in sub-Saharan Africa. “We live in a world where the Aids pandemic threatens the very fabric of our lives,” the Nobel Peace prize winner said at a star-studded pop concert in Tromsoe, northern Norway. “Yet we spend more money on weapons than on ensuring treatment and support for the millions infected by HIV.”

More than 15,000 people watched stars including Annie Lennox, former Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant and Peter Gabriel perform inside the Arctic Circle under a clear sky and midnight sun. The 86-year-old former South African president hosted the concert, which was sponsored by the Norwegian parliament, as part of his “46664” anti-Aids campaign – named after his prison number during his 27 years in jail under apartheid. Mandela, who has appeared frail in recent public engagements, smiled broadly and waved to thunderous applause on a giant stage flanked by the sea and snow-capped mountains.

He appealed to the G8 group of industrialized nations to take the lead in helping to end disease and poverty in Africa at their summit in July. “They have an historical opportunity to open the door to hope and the possibility of a better life for all,” he said. He made no direct reference to an agreement reached earlier in the day by the G8 finance ministers to write off $40 billion in debt owed by the poorest nations.

Mandela retired from public life last year but remains one of the leading international voices on Aids. This year he has also addressed the stigma surrounding the disease in his homeland by disclosing that his only surviving son, Makgatho, had died of an AIDS-related illness. Aid has devastated communities in sub-Saharan Africa. About 25 million people are infected with the HIV virus, and millions more contract it each year.

In South Africa, some 12 percent of the population are infected. In Botswana and Swaziland, it is up to 40 percent. The disease is spreading fast elsewhere. More than a million people are infected in Russia and other former Soviet states, and an estimated 5 million people in India are HIV-positive. “There is a genocide happening … and we need to get very upset about it,” former Eurythmics lead singer Lennox said.

Copyright © 2005 L’Express. All rights reserved. Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media (allAfrica.com).

Certainly one of the bravest political activists in Africa, Nelson Mandela spent a long time in prison before winning a revolutionary rebirth for a black South Africa.

But if the scientific evisceration of the conventional view of the AIDS pandemic is valid (and as we repeatedly note, the cautious peer reviewers who act as gatekeepers to publication in the top scientific literature have effectively endorsed the critical review by failing to find any fault with it) then a great tragedy of current AIDS politics is that Mandela is unwittingly entrained as a propagandist for the iatrogenic genocide of his people.

That is, trusting in the medicine of the white man (to put it in satirically lurid terms) Mandela is endorsing a process that ends with the administering of damaging if not lethal drugs to an ever widening target section of his nation, according to the imagined or real results of tests which are extremely questionable, since the specificity and crossreactivity of the tests (and the flexibility of their interpretation) render them almost meaningless.

That is, if they are done at all. Most African statistics are based on extrapolation from very limited testing, for tests are expensive and the WHO defines AIDS in Africa by symptom without testing.

Poor Mandela is ending his life as the spokesman for what looks increasingly like the Worldcom of science.

For an alternative view of AIDS testing, here is one rundown from the Web pages of the African Rainbow Circle, which says it aims to jettison standard AIDS theory and treatment for more natural apppoaches.

Note, for example that malaria, common in Africa, often causes a cross reaction.

A review by Christine Johnson from LA HEAL of HIV tests and a very long list of potential cross reactions, with references.

If you want the immediate text, rather than open the url, click here:



Why HIV tests & mandatory vaccination should be banned


Mission statement





Health statistics

Know-how, where, when & why

PAK Addy. PhD, head of clinical microbiology at the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana [Says Aids in Africa is exaggerated and the Hiv tests kill people due to the mental turmoil a positive result causes, which leads to physiological immune depression and suicide]

By Christine Johnson

The AIDS establishment has managed to convince many people that the HIV antibody tests (ELISA, IFA and Western blot) are “99.5% accurate”. In this article Christine Johnson from HEAL Los Angeles, lists conditions documented in the scientific literature known to cause positives on these tests, and gives her references.

It is expected that this list will generate much discussion and dissension. For the time being, a few clarifications should be made at the outset.

Just because something is on the list doesn’t mean that it will definitely, or even probably, cause a false-positive. It depends on what antibodies the individual carries; as well as the characteristics of each particular test kit.

For instance, some, but not all, people who have had blood transfusions, prior pregnancies or an organ transplant will make HLA antibodies. And some, but not all, test kits (both ELISA and Western blot) will be contaminated with HLA antigens to which these antibodies can react. Only if these two conditions coincide might you get a false-positive due to HLA cross-reactivity.

Some things are more likely than others to cause false-positives. And some things that we aren’t aware of yet, but which may be documented in the future, may cause false-positives.

Some of the factors on the list have been documented only for ELISA, some for both ELISA and Western blot (WB).

Some people may be eager to argue that if a factor is only known to cause false-positives on ELISA, this problem won’t be carried over to the WB, so everything should be OK. But remember, a WB is positive by virtue of accumulating enough individual positive bands to add up to the total required by whatever criteria you use to interpret it (39) So the more exposures a person has had to foreign antigens, proteins and infectious agents, the more various antibodies he or she will have in their system, and the more likely it is that there will be several cross-reacting antibodies, enough to make the WB positive.

It is to be noted that all AIDS risk groups (and Africans as well), but not the general US or Western European population, have this problem in common: they have been exposed to a plethora of foreign antigens and proteins. This is why people in the AIDS “risk groups” tend to have positive WBs (i.e., to be considered “HIV-infected”) and people in the general population don’t. However, even people in the low-risk populations may have false-positive Western blots for poorly understood reasons.(47)

Since false-positives to every single HIV protein have been documented (36), how do you know the positive WB bands represent the various proteins to HIV, or just a collection of false-positive bands reacting to several different non-HIV antibodies?

Factors Known to Cause False-Positive HIV Antibody Test Results

* Anti-carbohydrate antibodies (52, 19, 13)

* Naturally-occurring antibodies (5, 19)

* Passive immunization: receipt of gamma globulin or immune globulin (as prophylaxis against infection which contains antibodies)(18, 26, 60, 4, 22, 42, 43, 13)

* Leprosy (2, 25)

* Tuberculosis (25)

* Mycobacterium avium (25)

* Systemic lupus erythematosus (15, 23)

* Renal (kidney) failure (48, 23, 13)

* Hemodialysis/renal failure (56, 16, 41, 10, 49)

* Alpha interferon therapy in hemodialysis patients (54)

* Flu (36)

* Flu vaccination (30, 11, 3, 20, 13, 43)

* Herpes simplex I (27)

* Herpes simplex II (11)

* Upper respiratory tract infection (cold or flu)(11)

* Recent viral infection or exposure to viral vaccines (11)

* Pregnancy in multiparous women (58, 53, 13, 43, 36)

* Malaria (6, 12)

* High levels of circulating immune complexes (6, 33)

* Hypergammaglobulinemia (high levels of antibodies) (40, 33)

* False positives on other tests, including RPR (rapid plasma reagent) test for syphilis (17, 48, 33, 10, 49)

* Rheumatoid arthritis (36)

* Hepatitis B vaccination (28, 21, 40, 43)

* Tetanus vaccination (40)

* Organ transplantation (1, 36)

* Renal transplantation (35, 9, 48, 13, 56)

* Anti-lymphocyte antibodies (56, 31)

* Anti-collagen antibodies (found in gay men, haemophiliacs, Africans of both sexes and people with leprosy)(31)

* Serum-positive for rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibody (both found in rheumatoid arthritis and other autoantibodies)(14, 62, 53)

* Autoimmune diseases (44, 29, 10, 40, 49, 43): Systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, connective tissue disease, dermatomyositis

* Acute viral infections, DNA viral infections (59, 48, 43, 53, 40, 13)

* Malignant neoplasms (cancers)(40)

* Alcoholic hepatitis/alcoholic liver disease (32, 48, 40,10,13, 49, 43, 53)

* Primary sclerosing cholangitis (48, 53)

* Hepatitis (54)

* “Sticky” blood (in Africans) (38, 34, 40)

* Antibodies with a high affinity for polystyrene (used in the test kits)(62, 40, 3)

* Blood transfusions, multiple blood transfusions (63, 36,13, 49, 43, 41)

* Multiple myeloma (10, 43, 53)

* HLA antibodies (to Class I and II leukocyte antigens)(7, 46, 63, 48, 10, 13, 49, 43, 53)

* Anti-smooth muscle antibody (48)

* Anti-parietal cell antibody (48)

* Anti-hepatitis A IgM (antibody)(48)

* Anti-Hbc IgM (48)

* Administration of human immunoglobulin preparations pooled before 1985 (10)

* Haemophilia (10, 49)

* Haematologic malignant disorders/lymphoma (43, 53, 9, 48, 13)

* Primary biliary cirrhosis (43, 53, 13, 48)

* Stevens-Johnson syndrome9, (48, 13)

* Q-fever with associated hepatitis (61)

* Heat-treated specimens (51, 57, 24, 49, 48)

* Lipemic serum (blood with high levels of fat or lipids)(49)

* Haemolyzed serum (blood where haemoglobin is separated from the red cells)(49)

* Hyperbilirubinemia (10, 13)

* Globulins produced during polyclonal gammopathies (which are seen in AIDS risk groups)(10, 13, 48)

* Healthy individuals as a result of poorly-understood cross-reactions (10)

* Normal human ribonucleoproteins (48,13)

* Other retroviruses (8, 55, 14, 48, 13)

* Anti-mitochondrial antibodies (48, 13)

* Anti-nuclear antibodies (48, 13, 53)

* Anti-microsomal antibodies (34)

* T-cell leukocyte antigen antibodies (48, 13)

* Proteins on the filter paper (13)

* Epstein-Barr virus (37)

* Visceral leishmaniasis (45)

* Receptive anal sex (39, 64)


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c o n t i n u u m


Propaganda victims Zackie & Nelson do more harm than good unbeknown to them


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Ultimate control of humans via GE / GMO’s combined with Vaccines

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35 Responses to “Mandela’s tragedy as AIDS propagandist”

  1. Dr. Bialy Says:

    Are you so naive as to think they let him out of prison with no strings?

    No need to reply, purely a rhetorical question.

  2. Truthseeker Says:

    Dr Bialy, are you so imaginative as to think they explained what was going on to Mandela and told him to cooperate or not be released?

  3. Dr. Bialy Says:

    I know you know what a rhetorical question is, yet you answered it anyway. Since you did, however. No. I am not that imaginative, but evidently you are. Think deeper O naive Truthseeker.

  4. Truthseeker Says:

    Dr. B, you must bear in mind that you are an accomplished scientific and ‘moral truth’ (viz. John Moore) investigator, a man who is not only worldly in experience (global, in fact – who else would have been capable of proposing and organizing cooperation between Israel and Cuba, let alone Israel, Cuba and South Africa?) but also a shark cruising among goldfish as far as science politics goes, with the genius and restraint to produce a book from which all human weakness has been removed (except those of the pompous pilots of the twin paradigms you explode), and you are addressing a blog author with the political understanding of a goldfish.

    The implications of your subtle hints as to behind the scenes influences on Mandela which turned him into a tool of the colonial mentality and a Quisling in feeding deleterious and otherwise unmarketable drugs to his charges are far beyond our understanding.

    Will the cruising shark please explain, preferably without eating all the goldfish in this bowl for lunch?

  5. Dr. Bialy Says:

    Since you ask so nicely, of course.

    In broad strokes, the racists that decided to release him did not undertake this highly visible and transformative act for reasons of suddenly seeing the light. And therefore they must have elicited some sort of quid pro quo. Therefore it is unseemly to dump on this great man even a little for his infrequent, and not-very-influential-in-SA appearances on behalf of AIDS, Inc. You must not forget for a second that the equally great Thabo is his hand-picked successor, and surely they must have spent long, long hours discussing this very issue.

  6. Truthseeker Says:

    What you say is clearly true, in that they must have discussed it. But would Mandela sell his soul? A man whom the threat of death in prison did not shake? Surely he doesn’t believe Mbeki has it right, and has not given him the respect of reading into the topic. He is not too old and frail to permit us to complain that this is a failure of leadership by THE grand old man of African politics. Is he is not in a sense an African Larry Kramer? His heart is in the right place, but he is unwilling to grasp the nettle of truth now that he is an elder statesman.

    So doth the Club coopt its enemies by welcoming them into the fold. As Bob Dylan said the other day in his PBS documentary recalling when he surprised the music Club by making annoying speeches when accepting his awards early on, “they seemed to want to make me a member of something and think the way they do. I don’t think so.”

    Or are you saying that his public statements are like Mbeki’s, placating diversions? ARV’s are being delivered to South Africa now in numbers, as we understand it. Does even Mbeki really understand fully and firmly that the whole deal is unscientific from beginning to end? And if so are you not at least partly responsible by not adding to your text very, very clear explanations which could not be missed by both these politicians? We hope you will consider adding a final clarifying chapter in your next edition, now that John “Saving Millions From Dangerous Quackery with Life Ending Drugs, Sorry About That” Moore is helping you sell the last remaining copies of this one.

  7. Dr. Bialy Says:

    I am interested in dynamical analysis, not in motive attribution or in attempting to speak for those whose experience makes it impossible for me to do anything but wiseacre about.

  8. Claus Says:

    Suddenly a word Ms. Kolhatkar used in the Observer to describe the thought activity and expression thereof of dissident ‘AIDS scientists’ – a phrase which at first struck me as somewhat misplaced in the context – seems a perfect pick.
    The word is ‘esoteric’.

  9. Truthseeker Says:

    Esoteric indeed. We would think that admiring these great men as he does, he wouldn’t want to be a wiseacre re them. Perhaps in his determination to fly above the mundane questions we have raised, the racing fingers of Dr Bialy have mistyped.

    Either way it seems that he has no good reason to have contradicted us in the first place. In fact, to suggest that Mandela’s motives spring from a secret acquiescence to demands made upon him before his release, as a condition for it, may make sense (though it would seem to contradict Dr. B’s just expressed unwillingness to speculate on motives) but to say it had anything to do with becoming a shill for GlaxoSmithKline would seem to be stretching it beyond human credulity.

    Our bet is that Dr B is in constant touch via email with both men and the complexity of their dealings with Clinton and Gates as directed by the generale are far beyond nailing down here, even if he was willing to tell us.

  10. Robert Houston Says:

    Point of information: Didn’t Nelson Mandela originally support Thabo Mbeki in questioning the HIV theory and the usefulness of antiretroviral drugs? Although Mandela parroted the conventional line in his July 14, 2000, speech to the 13th International AIDS conference in Durban, at least up to mid-May of 2000 he seemed to side with President Mbeki, as indicated in the following news report:

    16 05 2000 The Independent Online (South Africa)

    Mandela supports Mbeki on HIV debate

    Former president Nelson Mandela on Tuesday expressed support for President Thabo Mbeki’s views on the HIV/Aids debate, SABC television news reported.
    Speaking to students in New York, Mandela said Mbeki had done his homework before going public and had even called for a cheaper Aids drug.
    In April, the Washington Post published a letter written by Mbeki in which he commented on the “orchestrated campaign of condemnation” of people who held alternate views on HIV/Aids.
    Mbeki also defended dissident scientists who had theories that HIV did not cause Aids and that antiretroviral drugs AZT and Nevirapine did more harm than good.
    Mbeki insisted on his government’s right to consult dissident scientists and accused unnamed foreign critics of waging a “campaign of intellectual intimidation and terrorism” akin to “the racist apartheid tyranny we opposed”.
    In the letter, sent to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan among others, Mbeki said “it would constitute a criminal betrayal of our responsibility to our own people” to mimic foreign approaches to treating Aids.
    Mandela is expected to meet US President Bill Clinton later in the week to discuss the situation in Burundi. Sapa
    INDABA Internet Datenbank Afrika – Institut für Afrika-Kunde, Hamburg

  11. Dr. Bialy Says:


    Why don’t you just go ahead a block my IP again so that you do not need bother with constantly checking to see if I have eaten any goldfish, and also do not have to be embarrassed by removing comments that others are likely to have seen before their deletion.

    Maybe it’s due to what you keep writing — that you do not like my using your “real” name because one day you are writing me (several times)and asking me if it is time to “pull out all stops” and stop pussy-footing around with a silly (and inaccurate) web moniker that everyone knows in any case, and the next how upset you are with me for calling you by your proper name.

    You do indeed have a very peculiar way of dealing with your sources and subjects. It is good I suppose that I am even more peculiar.

    I expect this comment to disappear as well.

  12. Dr. Bialy Says:

    And once again the substantive comment TO CLAUS is gone with no word of explanation.

    Truth “holder” Moore (of Cambridge UK)

    Truth “seeker” Liversidge (of Cambridge UK)

    I wonder what they teach them at that place?

    (Actually the second miscreant is, to our knowledge, a graduate of the relatively progressive and up-to-date Edinburgh University, founded 1582 ie nearly four hundred years after Cambridge, 1209, which was already going downhill at that point, as was shown by its inferiority in philosophical studies soon enough.- Ed.)

  13. Dr. Bialy Says:

    TS or whatever you call yourself,

    I have noooo idea (in the voice of the one and only never to be repeated Harry Smith) whether any of the comments I have left on this feh, “blog”, will remain or not, and I could not care less.

    However, I do need to make one final point.

    How the f%&$# can you write an very over-elongated piece on “quasi” at best censorship at Amazon and then do what you have done to this thread?

    You are dared as a self-proclaimed TS to let this remain and to even attempt to answer it for the benefit of the readers (not mine, please).

  14. Dr. Bialy Says:

    O…one more “leetle” thing (and the only one I have any real curiosity about):

    What is your twisted rationale for continuing to claim that I am a Zapata of biotech when I have carefully explained (several times) that (a) I am an arch-conservative, not a biotech revolutionary, and (b) the proper analogy (if you really need to justify all the pictures of Marlon) is with a Zapata of AIDS insurgency
    (Insurgentes is a wonderful word in Spanish and the name of many grand boulevards throughout the land)?

  15. Truthseeker Says:

    Harvey, with all respect to you as the generale of the dissidents – the most dissonant of the dissidents, in fact – (of the DISSIDENTS not of biotechnology, please pay attention if you wish to complain of inaccuracy) will you kindly just shut up unless you have something relevant to post on the topic of the thread. Your informative posts are highly valued but your irrelevant posts whether personal seething or pointing in obscure fashion to one of your triumphs in personal combat on another blog are going to be deleted as diversionary and distracting. They clog this blog by simply repeating the same old point that we have already repeatedly posted, possibly too often already, which is that you are a very clever fellow with whom it is a mistake to tangle on the Web.

    Also, they detract from your reputation as an author of a good book, achieved according to you by wisely removing all such personal material. This is one reason it will endure as a classic.

    This blog follows your lead in this respect and tries to avoid personal sensation in favor of permanent reference material, even though adding a little ponderous humor for palatability. It also avoids personal promotion and pr pack drill by keeping the name of the author out of the way, though perfectly clearly signed for all eyes except your apparently rather unobservant ones.

  16. Dr. Bialy Says:

    In addition to retroactively altering his post to incorporate my oft delivered corrections, TS continues to delete the ONE SUBSTANTIVE post I have been trying without any success at all to make, and which is directed at CLAUS not AL.

    So now, I simply reproduce the relevant texts from Hank’s blog, and leave it to any eye’s that might read it to decide on its relevance to Claus’ interesting remark about “esoteric” AIDS dissident scientists.



    Lest we forget why I am here.

    Thanks to a little help from the administration at the AIDS Wiki, I have been able to provide a very rare drawing by Delbruck’s wife, Manny, illustrating the very model of a Homo scientificus, according to Beckett, according to “the one and only, never to be repeated” Max.


    Posted by: George | July 08, 2006 at 07:30 PM

    And in case anybody thought I was fooling around.

    What Max is at great length and pains to provide in that wonderfully instructive essay is *not* that scientists should sit around and devise intricate iterations of sucking stones. Not at all. What he is most emphatically saying is that his analogy represents the real, scientific mind at work, and even when applied to a grave problem (like AIDS was perceived to be at one time)unless the Homo scientificus according to Beckett posture and attitude are maintained, the practice of the scientist reduces to what Hank likes to call “bean-counting” and worse, to the “moral truths” of Moore.

    Posted by: George | July 08, 2006 at 07:49 PM

  17. Truthseeker Says:

    If there is any one single person here other than Dr. B who finds this post informative and/or edifying, or even intelligible as it stands, we will leave it up, now we have finally seen what Dr B is so proud of, apparently a post of his on Barnesworld, but since it doesn’t say anything relevant to this thread, and nor does it specify what “essay” it is referring to, or why, but is precisely the kind of garbled and obscure “esoteric” inarticulation we deleted in the first place, we will delete it unless one person, preferably Claus, can agree it seems “substantive” to them, and not simply something that Dr. B could have emailed to Claus directly, if he is so very proud of it.

    Just one person.

  18. Dr. Bialy Says:

    I see now that the copa is terminated*, you are back to your ofay blog.

    Look maestro de nada, had you bothered to read with any care the very first comment I made to Claus about this point of what does “esoteric” actually mean when applied to AIDS dissident scientists, because all of the ones I know would consider Max their “father” in essence, BEFORE you deleted it, you would have found the reference to the essay of Delbruck’s. Of course you would have needed to search a bit on Hank’s blog to find it, but then again if you had an interest you probably could have managed that in a few minutes.

    In any case the few comments by George are self-contained enough to make the only point I was attempting.

    The winning moment: What did the Italian player say to Zidane to make him do the unspeakable and unimaginable? I suspect he had prepared, for just such a moment, a perfect Arabic version of the absolutely worst curse possible…maybe…”Your mother fxxxs pigs in the mosque”. Whatever it was, it was so devastating that it took Zidane a few seconds for it to register before he turned around and headed him the chest with what was probably enough force to crack a rib.

  19. Michael Harold Says:

    Hi, Anthony! Harvey sent me the link, so I thought I would take a look. Reading it from top-to-bottomus, it is fair entertaining. The language is almost Victorian at times and that sort of chat helps contextualize the content. Given the strange loopiness of the exchanges, however, the whole thing seems quite postmodern, in an esoterically relativistic sort of way. Nearly indeconstructable as far as I can tell (except for the part about how scientists should think and do science in that order.)

  20. Michael Says:

    Hello ALL. I don’t know if any of you guys have kept up with this, but Mandela’s son was said to have “died of AIDS” somewhere around January 3rd 2005. Now, none of us actually know what his son died from, but nonetheless he passed away and no doubt Mandela was and is still devastated by the loss. Perhaps he even blamed it on Mbeki, I don’t know. I would presume that it was at this point that Mandela lost belief in Mbeki’s position that HIV was not the cause of it. Who knows what the details were, but THIS was the turning point of Mandela falling back into belief in HIV causing AIDS. The link to the news article of January 6th 2005 is found here: RIGHT HERE

  21. Truthseeker Says:

    So your basic point was about football? Certainly the most remarkable moment of the World Cup and extremely relevant to this discussion for that reason, plus your comment is decorated with a terrific theory, humorous and probably apt. Dr. B has redeemed himself with this one, though we still have no idea why the cartoon or the essay is worth pondering. But explaining the deep mystery of an end of career move of such striking originality is enough.

    Later we hope you will join in the discussion of Gallo’s, Baltimore’s and Fauci’s motives, equally baffling, when we dissect them in a post. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his own soul? Perhaps the answer is in Adam Kirsch’s review in the New York Sun of Martin Gilbert’s Kristallnacht: Prelude to Destruction and Jan Gross’s Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland after Auschwitz, an Essay in Historical Interpretation, on Jun 26 Wed, which we were just reading.

    After detailing the signs of the local popularity of the genocide of the Jews in Poland, including the appalling Kielce pogrom of July 4, 1946, where 40 Jews were murdered after a false and impossible rumor that the “Jews had killed a Christian child”, Kirch writes that the whole impulse must have arisen out of guilt. “As Germany and Poland showed, and as Bosnia and Rwanda have confirmed, nothing makes people more willing to commit evil than consciousness of their own guilt.”

    Perhaps this is why the HIV?AIDS iatrogenic genocide rolls on despite so much evidence that it is theoretically silly and damaging and killing rather than curing people. Like the Poles who stole the property of vanished Jews or took over their economic functions, perhaps the generals of HIV?AIDS are unconsciously guilty about their economic plunder, carried out according to ideas which are as ill founded and absurd as blood libel of a kind that was condemned by the Papacy 700 years ago.

    Meanwhile we should note that plenty of Jews owe their lives to Poles who protected them, sometimes at the risk of their own lives. Such people, whom filmgoers met in the recent documentary “Hiding and Seeking”, were very brave and honest people, more or less the equivalent of the critics who try with so little reward to notify the passengers of the HIV?AIDS bandwagon train that it is not going to a holiday camp, folks, look ahead.

  22. Robert Houston Says:

    One of the victims of what Truthseeker has termed “HIV?AIDS iatrogenic genocide” may have been Nelson Mandela’s son. The Washington Post reported that the son did not die of AIDS but rather of complications of gall bladder surgery, as well pancreatic problems such as could be produced by the anti-HIV drugs he had been taking for a year. See the Jan. 11, 2005 article about this by Celia Farber in the NY Free Press (click HERE).

    Nelson Mandela was already pushing anti-HIV drugs as early as his speech to the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, on July 14, 2000 (click HERE).

  23. Michael Says:

    The following are quotes from Mandela’s closing speech in Durban 2000. Reads to me like a classic case of truthseekers discussion of cognitive dissidence. The entire speech is found: by clicking here.

    “I do not know nearly enough about science and its methodologies or about the politics of science and scientific practice to even wish to start contributing to the debate that has been raging on the perimeters of this conference.

    I am, however, old enough and have gone through sufficient conflicts and disputes in my life-time to know that in all disputes a point is arrived at where no party, no matter how right or wrong it might have been at the start of that dispute, will any longer be totally in the right or totally in the wrong. Such a point, I believe, has been reached in this debate.

    The President of this country is a man of great intellect who takes scientific thinking very seriously and he leads a government that I know to be committed to those principles of science and reason.

    The scientific community of this country, I also know, holds dearly to the principle of freedom of scientific enquiry, unencumbered by undue political interference in and direction of science.

    Now, however, the ordinary people of the continent and the world – and particularly the poor who on our continent will again carry a disproportionate burden of this scourge – would, if anybody cared to ask their opinion, wish that the dispute about the primacy of politics or science be put on the backburner and that we proceed to address the needs and concerns of those suffering and dying. And this can only be done in partnership.

    I come from a long tradition of collective leadership, consultative decision-making and joint action towards the common good. We have to overcome much that many thought insurmountable through an adherence to those practices. In the face of the grave threat posed by HIV/AIDS, we have to rise above our differences and combine our efforts to save our people. History will judge us harshly if we fail to do so now, and right now…..

    …” Ensuring that people, especially the young, have access to voluntary and confidential HIV counselling and testing services and introducing measures to reduce mother-to-child transmission have been proven to be essential in the fight against AIDS. We have recognised the importance of addressing the stigmatisation and discrimination, and of providing safe and supportive environments for people affected by HIV/AIDS”.”

  24. Michael Says:

    Pardon me, in the last post I mistakenly referred to Truthseekers discussion of the term “cogitive dissidence”, but I meant cognitive dissonance, although cogitive dissidence may apply as well:

    Cognitive dissonance is the perception of incompatibility between two cognitions, which can be defined as any element of knowledge, including attitude, emotion, belief, or behavior.

    Dissidence is: Disagreement, as of opinion or belief; dissent.

  25. claus Says:

    Although my authority has been appealed to in an oblique way, this goldfish is of course well aware he will be swimming with not one but two sharks in the waters of this particular fish bowl. Judgment, in other words, is not mine.

    That being said, the term ‘esoteric’ as quoted from Ms. Kolhatkar’s article is directly relevant here only as a comment on the quality and substance of the discussion of the ‘faith seen in the light etc.’

    I was rather fascinated with Kolhatkar’s article and the public perception issues revealed in it, especially since it followed on the heels of the recent public exchanges Dr. B et al vs. Prof. Moore et al. Ms. Kolhatkar’s choice of words ‘esoteric’ ‘ragtag’ and so on, and the way they slant the article, is an issue whose implications to my mind far transcend that particular discussion and are well worth pondering – although perhaps this is more of an issue for TS than for Dr. B since they occupy different positions, and represent different immediate concerns, TS being the one in charge of mediating between the likes of Dr. B and a hopefully soon much wider audience.

    Personally I think the latest exchanges between TS and Dr. B are very entertaining, much more so in fact than those involving the multi-challenged John Moore, who must have been immunized long ago against all forms of English sophistication, wit and sense of propriety.

    They are, however, very esoteric in nature culminating in B’s remark that he’s ‘not attempting to speak for those whose experience makes it impossible for me to do anything but wiseacre about.’

    As a riposte to TS’s mail, the point is well taken and highly amusing – ‘touche’ as they say – but still esoteric in the sense of exclusive and elitist. I, and many others in this bowl including TS I suspect, relish this and wouldn’t dream of asking anybody, least of all Dr. B, to change his person -in fact, as TS himself often hints, this is the kind of genius that may act as catalyst for revolutions.

    Hence I’m only delighted, and do not find it irrelevant, that Dr. B takes remarks like mine (Kolhatkar’s) a step further to give a general illustration of the scientific mind and modus. Indeed I WAS referring in part to how the (exceptional) scientific mind works and expresses itself in general, as well as my enjoyment of the spectacle.

    It nevertheless remains esoteric; even the kind of literature alluded to has been characterized as exclusive, elitist, self-enveloped´, and although in this respect I fancy myself more than a mere goldfish, I’m glad I’ve been anticipated by Michael Harold’s frank admission that he found the essay in question difficult to relate to the topic (homo scientificus).

    Michael’s example gives me courage to say that George’s post, suggestive as it is, is not in itself enough to enlighten me. Neither, although I’m well aware of the proverbial worth of a picture, is the artistic rendition of Molloy and his sucking stones I’ve found at the end of the link given a sure path to higher understanding in my case. Furthermore, since I’m definitely no internet or blogosphere shark, I’d be grateful if someone could provide me with the direct link to this on so many levels elusive essay.

    At any rate, this has all very little to do with Nelson Mandela, so I understand TS’ frustration with such, if not irrelevant, at least misplaced discussions.

    I know of other forums where they have solved this problem and the concomitant potentially damaging issues of censorship by moving posts to other/new threads, (instead of deleting them), creating ‘inner circle’ discussion groups etc.

    I deliver this late and lengthy mail in appreciation of those who’ve taken the time to respond to and engage with me. Out of respect for those to whom this is a pressing life and death issue (likely very much the same people) I will endeavour to keep my future posts as relevant as possible.


  26. Truthseeker Says:

    Robert, Michael, thank you for the evidence supplied in the proper scientific manner, as opposed to an inrush of hot air warmed by emotion from parties predisposed to celebrate the character and integrity of both these great African freedom fighters, who survived prison beatings, solitary confinement and serious death threats to lead their country out of political and economic slavery only to be faced with the unprecedented megathreat of being forced to read scientific material when Alas! only one proved fearless, the other’s tested and tempered steel resolve finally melting into mush, his voice reduced to spouting spineless gibberish straight from the bestseller “I’m OK You’re OK”, where to resolve the unpleasantness of disagreement between comrades in arms over a fact protected by the mumbo jumbo of science all is to be resolved by allocating one half fact each, like Solomon’s dispensation of the disputed babe.

    Thus Africa’s leaders are revealed to be no better and no worse than those of the West, with the one shining exception of Thabo Mbeki, the only international leader with the guts to read scientific material for himself, an act of courage and intellectual fortitude in the face of an overwhelming challenge to life and limb which has tested the mettle of US Congressmen, US senators, US presidents, editors and reporters of the New York Times, including the science desk, almost the entire range of liberal and science editors and writers in the US, almost every gay person in the US and Europe, every head of state and their staff in the world with the possible exception of India, all of whom have been found wanting in stiffness of mental and moral spine when faced with this, the greatest challenge of all.

    Only a very few people in the entire world population are equipped, it appears, with sufficient courage and determination to overcome this obstacle. You two are obviously in this august and rarified club, of which Celia Farber together with your faithful blogger are the founding members, with the latest being the Texan philosopher and new Harper’s editor Roger D. Hodge. The only requirement for membership is the willingness to read scientific material without being a scientist, which effectively excludes almost everybody.

    The club, currently known and operating in Manhattan as the “Bones” lunch club, is actually named after Leonard “Bones” McCoy, the Starship doc who is a future intellectual descendant of Robert Houston, presently recognized as the most fearless explorer of the medical and scientific literature that has ever lived.

  27. claus Says:

    Mandela’s Durban speech is not that of someone who feels he has to split the bone (or baby) of contention for lack of scientific insight. This is the speech of a man who feels he has all the knowledge and moral backing in this world and the next to speak with complete authority, as evidenced in his own words concerning his dearly bought understanding of ‘how precious words are and how real speech is in its impact upon the way people live and die.’

    Mandela speaks repeatedly and without the slightest hint of ‘cognitive dissonance’, about what ‘experience has taught us works’, or even more categorically ‘what we know works’, as well as that about which ‘there can be no dispute.’ He even preaches the apocalypse prophesied by the science of statistics, as certain as if he were quoting from the Revelation itself‘. And below (in the article from France following the Durban speech in Michael’s link) we learn about the ’unused tools given us by science, i.e. antiretrovirals.

    For a man of the church, a man who boasts extraordinary knowledge of the real Power of the Word, Mandela cannot be excused by ignorance, and cannot complain if he is judged accordingly, when he places such faith in Gallo’s science as to speak of it in terms normally reserved for scripture.

  28. McKiernan Says:


    That is utterly beyond beautiful and beyond words. But one doesn’t wish to excuse Mandela via ignorance as the post subject is Mandela’s tragedy whatever that means.

    On the other hand in keeping with Truthseeker’s time honored Kierkegaardan tradition of releasing unbounded creativity in the comment boxes permit if you will a mere suggestion that Nels and Mbeki can always go to Archbishop Tutu to have their confessions heard by the Truth Commission. That of course will not clean the poo-poo off the soccer field nor this thread but at least no one will get a red card as long as those American bucks are still coming in.

    In the meanwhile we are content to listen to the words of those in the ‘bones’ club.

  29. Truthseeker Says:

    Posters should keep their comments pithy and intelligible here, if you please, rather than windy and “beautiful”, since otherwise they may be misunderstood eg by McK, who appears not to understand the word “tragedy” in the title of this post.

    That is utterly beyond beautiful and beyond words. But one doesn’t wish to excuse Mandela via ignorance as the post subject is Mandela’s tragedy whatever that means.

    Tragedy as in the case of a heroic freedom fighter who in his sunset years is conned into accepting cheap Kool Aid for his flock because it is presented on the shining silver tray of “science”, on which if he was capable of being so impolite as to peer at it closely he would find the words are written, “Science is as science pays – Robert Gallo et al.”

    However, if you misunderstood Claus you have our sympathy, since we have not yet deciphered what he meant. Claus, did we not conclude that Mandela had been bamboozled? But what you seem to be saying is that he never listened to Mbeki in the first place, so there is no cognitive dissonance, but instead arrogant waffle by the great man as High Priest with a new scripture.

    But we have the authority of a great man now in the City of Eternal Spring who having met both men personally (one assumes) assures us that they must have had long talks abut this issue. Surely that is so, since it is a major element in South African politics.

    At a party within the last year we had the pleasure of informing various South African officials at the UN and organizers of various charities that we believed Mbeki was on the right track, and they shouldn’t suffer cognitive dissonance either, as they obviously did. Telling them so merely rang the gong even louder than normal, we could see.

    It is simply impossible not to acknowledge that the AIDS meme has infected virtually everybody in South African government and that there is ongoing cognitive dissonance whenever they have to acknowledge Mbeki in this respect.

  30. claus Says:


    I’m not sure what to answer to the charge of writing a ‘beautiful mail’, don’t even know what that means, and I don’t know if McK or anybody else was ‘bamboozled’ by it. It doesn’t appear so. I suspect the word ‘tragedy’ came up as a point of disagreement as to the definition of that particular concept, not because my meaning was not clear to McK. Be that as it may I’m truly sorry if my last comment appeared windy or unintelligible. I hope this one will fare better.

    For good or worse you’ve interpreted me correctly. I don’t know if Mandela ever listened seriously to Mbeki, but if so it’s made no discernible impression. All that’s left in the speech is the kind of diplomatic condescension equivalent to Luke Skywalker saying to Darth Vader, ‘I know there’s still good in you’ in the hope that the positive encouragement will manifest that goodness.

    The second part of my point goes to the inherent contradiction in Mandela’s speech. Broken down in truly analytic fashion the (de)construction looks like this:

    1. I assure you I’m very aware of the historic importance of this particualar speech.

    2. I assure you I’m very aware of the power of speech in general.

    3. I don’t understand the science and politics of the AIDS debate, therefore I will not judge.

    4. I embrace fully with all the power of my words on this special occasion one side of the AIDS debate (science, politics the lot) and all its conclusions as undisputed fact, which means that the other side has to accept them as well.

    As point 4 reveals, Mandela’s initial appeal to ignorance fairness, even conciliation, since only one side is asked to make concessions, is cheap rhetoric. And since Mandela has had a very good education secular, religious, legal and political, plus 27 years, according to himself, to comtemplate the power of words; and since he’s at great pains to let us understand that he knows exactly what he’s doing and in which capacity he is doing it, he has plainly anticipated the explanation that he should have been ignorant or bamboozled into unknowingly contradicting himself in such an obvious manner on such an important occasion.

    As a man with a strong religious background (not necessarily a man of the church, as I misleadingly put it), I cannot believe either that he is not aware of the, excuse the use of a familiar term, esoteric implications of his morally/spiritually validating story about meditations on Word and silence in solitary confinement.

    I conclude therefore that Nelson Mandela for some reason knowingly and freely chose to throw all his authority political, moral, spiritual into the scale of the AIDS establishment, not in form of ‘arrogant waffle’, but as part of a calculated strategy.

  31. Claus Says:

    PS. Actually this analysis doesn’t necessarily put me at odds with the great man from Mexico, because it says nothing about the motives of the great man from South Africa, which may have been noble and much wiser than we, with our limited experience, can fathom.

  32. Robert Houston Says:

    In quoting Nelson Mandela’s July 2000 Durban speech, it’s unclear what point Michael was trying to make, since he kept switching terms on us, suggesting the speech exemplified either a “cogitive” (i.e., cogitative) or “cognitive” form of “dissidence” or “dissonance”. Assuming his point was that Mandela, like Truthseeker, was expressing a kind of AIDS dissidence, let me point out the obvious contradiction.

    In a passage Michael quoted, Mandela states, “…introducing measures to reduce mother to child transmission have proven essential in the fight against AIDS.” As the BBC News pointed out, “This was interpreted as a call for the provision of anti-retroviral drugs in public hospitals – something the South African Government has so far refused to do.” (Click HERE for the BBC account.)

    Another recent ambiguity was Truthseeker’s generous tribute to someone who is “presently recognized as the most fearless explorer of the medical and scientific literature that has ever lived.” He was referring, of course, to Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, the chief medical officer of the Starship Enterprise. Putting today’s plodding scientists to shame, Dr. McCoy typically took less than an hour to eliminate any disastrous plague that was about to wipe out all the billions of inhabitants of some alien planet. “Bones” was greatly assisted in his quests by the Starship supercomputer, which contained all the medical and scientific knowledge of the galaxy. Fortunately, a working prototype of the Startrek computer system is available at my university research library.

  33. Truthseeker Says:

    Another recent ambiguity was Truthseeker’s generous tribute to someone who is “presently recognized as the most fearless explorer of the medical and scientific literature that has ever lived.”

    Robert, there was nothing ambiguous. You appear to have been so dazzled by the compliment that you thought it should refer to “Bones” McCoy, but it characterized you as the progenitor of McCoy. This is an instance of a virtue (modesty) distorting the information flow, which is perhaps less damaging than vice twisting the facts, but equally misleading. Perhaps objectivity is called for here, since in many ways you are setting an example that the entire world could well follow, especially Clinton, Bono, Sachs, Gates and Buffett, or at least their staffs.

    PS. Actually this analysis doesn’t necessarily put me at odds with the great man from Mexico, because it says nothing about the motives of the great man from South Africa, which may have been noble and much wiser than we, with our limited experience, can fathom

    Claus, your perceptions seem to allow possibilities which you and we have not yet conceived, which is always the mark of the superior thinker, but in this case you seem to be going rather far. Are you suggesting that Mandela acquiesces in all this because he feels that the sacrifice of a few surplus Africans in his charge is worth the build up of the health infrastructure?

    Perhaps the idea is to flush the Glaxo drugs down the toilet and hand out placebos of the same shape and color, possibly containing the vitamins and trace elements needed for immune systems ravaged by malnutrition and filthy living conditions, pills costing considerably less than the current Western ARV regimen, perhaps supplied by Mathias Rath.

    Is it conceivable that David Rasnick took a moral stand against this plan, and was fooled into exiting from South Africa by a false statement that Rath would be leaving too? Anything is possible in circumstances where such large amounts of money are to be spent which could with moral justification (in our opinion, though possibly not that of the new arbiter of moral truth in HIV?AIDS, John “Deadly Quackery of Peer Reviewers to be Evaded by Dispensing Deadly Drugs” Moore) be diverted into more enlightened channels.

    After all, who could object? Not the drug companies, if their drugs are first bought. After all, it is hard to imagine that they really think they do much good in the long run, except as deadly placebos.

  34. Michael David Says:

    Comment to a sidebar remark:


    “Nuggets” like this?

    <i>The winning moment: What did the Italian player say to Zidane to make him do the unspeakable and unimaginable? I suspect he had prepared, for just such a moment, a perfect Arabic version of the absolutely worst curse possible…maybe…”Your mother fxxxs pigs in the mosque”. Whatever it was, it was so devastating that it took Zidane a few seconds for it to register before he turned around and headed him in the chest with what was probably enough force to crack a rib.</i>

    Dr. B.’s book is filled with such, almost as incisive.

  35. Truthseeker Says:

    A good argument for buying “Oncogenes”, indeed. Thanks for speaking up, Michael. The relevancy of Dr B’s comment was underlined today when the British papers used a Secret Service lip reader to translate what the perfidious Italian had said: “You are the son of a terrorist whore…so fXXXC off!” Not only was Dr. B alert enough to suggest this probable explanation for Zidane’s butt, but he also put his finger on the point that it was cheating by the Italians (this provocation) that ensured their victory, since Zidane was France’s top goal kicker. This is very relevant to L’Affaire SIDE, which turns on this kind of below the surface poker playing in science politics and not on any debate on the science, which is obviously incorrect to any unbiased child over ten.

    That is why we think that you’re right (whether you meant it or not): Dr. B should have put in even more anecdotes in his hyper useful book.

    Duesberg’s night at the opera is perhaps the best one of all, page 177. AIDS truth in a nutshell.

    ‘Afterwards we go out for a quiet drink and, just like in the movies, Steve surreptitiously pulls out a folded manuscript from the inside of his own tuxedo pocket, and sotto voce says, “This has already been accepted at Nature . All you have to do is sign.”‘

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