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We especially defend and support the funding of honest, accomplished, independent minded and often heroic scientists, inventors and other original thinkers and their right to free speech and publication against the censorship, mudslinging, false arguments, ad hominem propaganda, overwhelming crowd prejudice and internal science politics of the paradigm wars of cancer, AIDS, evolution, global warming, cosmology, particle physics, macroeconomics, health and medicine, diet and nutrition.


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Brush fires in South Africa

Jefferys at AIDS Truth in a quandary

Coverage of AIDS dissent awkward, because it may promote it

Is Jefferys a closet denialist like John P. Moore?

brushfireg.jpgDrug defender Richard ‘Judge’ Jefferys, who would dearly love to ship all HIV=AIDS paradigm critics off to Burma, and who unless we are very mistaken is the author of the recent stream of items on John P. Moore’s blog AIDSTruth.org disparaging successes scored by those he calls “denialists”, is at it again, shooting himself in the foot every time he tries to reinterpret the small victories of dissent in HIV/AIDS which threaten his livelihood promoting conventional HIV/AIDS drugs.

The Judge’s problem is how to attack any success of those who demand a review of HIV/AIDS and its core belief, that AIDS is caused by HIV and by HIV alone, without promoting the very questioning he deplores, for reasons which are not entirely clear but we are certain have nothing to do with the fact that his New York City Treatment Action Group is generously funded by drug company money.

First, he reported on the Semmelweis prizes awarded Peter Duesberg and Celia Farber last week in Washington for their Clean Hands in science and journalism, claiming the awards were of no political significance but making sure that as many telephone calls and visits as possible protesting the event were undertaken by his HIV/AIDS promoting activist allies in Washington.

This resulted in such concern by the nervous prizegivers (previously unaware of the antisocial behavior of these fanatics) over the possible disruption of their ceremony that the awards made to the principled and public spirited duo were delayed a whole day and the framed certificates handed to them in a private meeting on Wednesday, as described in our previous post (Jefferys has so far failed to update his misinformation that the awards were never made to Duesberg and Farber).

Another brush fire in South Africa

But in doing so he ensured that many people who otherwise would have ignored the awards took notice of them and asked why anyone would wish to censor the free speech of individuals who were counted whistleblowers of major significance, especially during Washington Whistleblower Week, a week in which politicians are made more aware than usual of the vengeful hostility of agencies, institutions and corporations visited upon whistleblowers by those whose oxen are gored.

Now the Judge – if it be he – has written up an outbreak of resistance to HIV/AIDS ideology in a South African province, KwaZulu-Natal, led by the Minister of Health there, who is following the sensible policy established by South African President Thabo Mbeki of double checking the advice of HIV/AIDS authorities before allowing them to proceed with prescribing dangerous drug regimens to pregnant African women who test HIV positive but are otherwise healthy.

South Africa shows the way

Here is his post, on the good news which he finds so alarming but which all familiar with the numberless questions raised about HIV/AIDS science in the best journals (that is, anyone who looks through the posts of this now rather extensive blog, as well as Jeanne Lenzer’s fine and balanced portrait of Peter Duesberg and his views in Discover June, and Celia Farber’s irrefutable condemnation of HIV/AIDS practices in Harpers, March 2006) will find encouraging.

Here we have Africans who do not kowtow automatically to the official line presented to them by supposedly impartial and informed medical authorities, but review the information they are given and take note of well informed critics in formulating policy.

Denialism again rears its head in South Africa’s worst-hit province
* By AIDSTruth at 16 May 2008 8:46am

peggynko.jpgPeggy Nkonyeni, provincial Minister of Health in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal, the province that accounts for a quarter of HIV cases in that country, has been in the news recently for a denialist-inspired crusade against her own doctors. Earlier this year, a doctor at the rural Manguzi hospital was threatened with disciplinary action for providing two drugs to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, allegedly in contravention of national guidelines (the dual therapy protocol is standard, recommended by the WHO and superior to the Nevirapine-only protocol used until recently in South Africa). After threatening a doctor for not unnecessarily letting infants be infected, she made the following extraordinary statement:

AZT is toxic and must be controlled. Dual therapy has not been agreed upon. … We have a problem with doctors who work in rural areas. They do not care about people. It is all about profit and not about caring for people.

She then had another doctor suspended who placed her portrait in a dustbin in anger at this statement. (See Jonathan Berger’s piece More Manto than Manto.) The Treatment Action Campaign and AIDS Law Project in South Africa have now laid a complaint with the country’s Human Rights Commission.

That she is being influenced by denialist ideas is clear. This is a woman who has been observed consulting books by the notorious vitamin entrepreneur and denialist Matthias Rath. She has also argued that HIV is a “bioterrorism” or “biological warfare” agent manufactured to “target a particular community”, echoing the mad conspiracy theories that Jeremiah Wright also recently cited.

It seems the fight against official denialism in South Africa is far from over.

“It seems the fight against official denialism in South Africa is far from over.” Welcome news, indeed. What with Thomas Friedman calling Mbeki “disgusting” for his unwillingness to censure Mugabe, and the unfortunate Dr Rath run out of town, we were afraid that resistance to bad science from the highest level in South Africa was fading, another temporary triumph of anti-science by South Africa’s own “queer fascists”, as gay activists in favor of truth are calling them in our Comments columns.

What Washington should know too

brushfire2.jpgGiven the appalling restriction of free speech and debate in HIV/AIDS, which has censored the full critique of the paradigm from the public arena for over two decades, and falsely represented it as answered, this level of political sophistication must be welcomed, whatever its roots, as Africa sets an example which Washington would do well to imitate – that is, showing an awareness that science can be distorted hugely by politics on the inside, as well as from the outside.

Of course, those like Richard Jefferys who in the spirit of what the more enlightened gay activists commenting here of late call “queer fascism” attempt to impose silence on HIV dissenters by force, disparagement, and shouting them down, are the most blatant example of how good science can be shut down by noisy ignorance, or what in Jefferys’ case may well be well informed and willful ignorance, since his postings on this blog, Science Guardian, and elsewhere have demonstrated a very well informed grasp of the science.

As an example of how well informed Jefferys is on the science, let us look no further than his impressive piece on the dim hopes for a an HIV vaccine, Merck HIV Vaccine Trial Results: Hopes Dim for Struggling Field

On September 18, 2007, the world of HIV vaccine research was dealt a dismaying and unanticipated blow: immunizations in an ongoing efficacy trial of Merck’s HIV vaccine candidate were stopped when the Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) conducted a planned interim analysis of the results and concluded that the vaccine was ineffective, both at preventing HIV infection and reducing viral loads in immunized individuals who became HIV infected. Results from the trial were not anticipated until 2009 and, while there was certainly some skepticism about whether the approach would work, nobody predicted that the vaccine would fail so quickly and unequivocally.

After the DSMB’s decision was announced publicly, concern began to mount that the vaccine had not only failed to work but also somehow increased susceptibility to HIV infection among a subset of the trial participants.

Clearly, Jefferys is sufficiently versed in HIV/AIDS science to appreciate Peter Duesberg’s unrefuted critique, which would tell him exectly why the vaccine hunt is a wild goose chase, except of course for its power in raising a couple of hundred million dollars from Bill and Melinda Gates if NIAID fails to come through.

The reason, of course, is that HIV is an effective vaccine against itself, which works like a charm in six weeks or less, after which finding the virus in anybody is virtually impossible, even those dying of AIDS.

Fair play and foul in science

Whether ignorant of the scientific case against HIV/AIDS, or simply ignorant in their attitudes to scientific debate, Jefferys and his editor John P. Moore on the AIDS disinformation site AIDSTRuth.org should remember that science proceeds by overturning certainties, and removing paradigms which have held on far past their due date by dint of political and emotional violence of the kind that they pursue.

A paradigm which needs to be held up by “queer fascism” and by secret phone calls to university administrations urging that tenure be withheld from authors who write respectable and scientifically based books condemning the position of the caller should not be part of any public discussion of the merits of any belief in science, let alone one involving so many lives and the health of so many people as HIV/AIDS.


Brush fires out of control

brushfire3.jpgYet another event to upset Jefferys et al at AIDSTruth has come hard on the heels of the one complained of above, suggesting that anti-HIV-propaganda successes this fast and furious are rather like brush fires in California, hard to put out, and liable to turn into a major conflagration.

But Jefferys is up to the task of slandering all comers as quacks, just as the headline writer does, in an effort to prevent readers from wondering whether there is anything in it. His latest effort on AIDSTruth reads:
“SA Health Minister backs denialists and quack AIDS cures

The South African Sunday Times newspaper ran an exposé today about a meeting of quacks in the port city of Durban, the major city in the epicentre of SA’s HIV epidemic. The meeting was attended by the provincial health minister for KwaZulu-Natal Peggy Nkonyeni and addressed by the national Minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang. ”

This is the event he refers to:Health chiefs back quackery to treat HIV:

Health chiefs back quackery to treat HIV
Kerry Cullinan and Anna-Maria Lombard Published:May 18, 2008

‘We can’t meet targets if we send confusing messages saying the ARVs that the government includes in its programme are poisonous and dangerous’

MEC, minister in workshop with dodgy doctors, denialists and bogus ‘cures’.

The KwaZulu-Natal Health Department is actively promoting Aids denialists and quack Aids cures — with the blessing of Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang.

Last Friday, the department hosted an “information workshop on HIV treatment” at a Durban hotel, where speakers condemned antiretroviral drugs and called for traditional medicine to be promoted instead.

The meeting was opened by the KwaZulu-Natal Health MEC Peggy Nkonyeni. Tshabalala-Msimang delivered the keynote address.

The meeting was then addressed by Dr Cyril Khanyile of Medunsa University, who disputes that HIV causes Aids; Traditional Healers Organisation president Nhlavana Maseko, who is an outspoken opponent of ARVs; and Zeblon Gwala, who makes an expensive concoction called uBhejane, which he touts as an Aids “cure”.

The only information handed to delegates was in the form of booklets produced jointly by the Dr Rath Health Foundation and the SA National Civic Organisation (Sanco), which claim that all antiretroviral medicine is toxic.

The meeting was for “stakeholders” in the HIV/Aids sector, according to provincial health spokesman Leon Mbangwa — yet the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) was barred from attending.

The TAC’s KwaZulu-Natal co-ordinator, Phillip Mokoena, said his organisation had heard about the meeting on the morning it was taking place and members had gone to the hotel to try to attend.

“The people at the door went to ask the MEC if we could attend the meeting, but she refused,” said Mokoena.

The general secretary of the eThekwini Traditional Healers’ Council, Bongi Nkomo, said that her organisation had also not been invited .

“I know nothing about this meeting and we don’t know the people who were speaking there or who attended,” she said .

When asked why someone like Gwala had been given a platform by his department, Mbangwa said it was a meeting to “share information” and that “these are the people who treat our people”.

Although the meeting claimed to be a workshop on HIV treatment, no speaker on the programme addressed the use of ARVs in HIV treatment, which is official government policy.

Carte Blanche presenter Bongani Bingwa, who attended part of the meeting, said it focused on how the Health Department could form partnerships with traditional healthcare providers to address HIV.

“Maseko said traditional healers must get an allocation from the national Health budget. He suggested they should get something like 25% of the budget,” said Bingwa, who was waiting, with news service Health-e, to interview the MEC for a programme being broadcast tonight on a spat with rural doctors.

Since being appointed MEC in late 2004, Nkonyeni has become increasingly vocal about her scepticism about antiretroviral drugs, particularly AZT.

In 2006, she and the Health minister also reportedly recommended to a hospice that it should give its patients uBhejane. In February, Nkonyeni described AZT as toxic, at a meeting at Manguzi Hospital.

When asked whether it was the official department view that AZT was toxic, Mbangwa said: “ARVs and AZT are not a treatment to HIV and Aids. They are part of the solution. But not an answer.”

When asked whether the MEC subscribed to the view in the Sanco-Rath literature that ARVs were being “pushed by drug cartels” intent on establishing “pharmaceutical colonialism”, Mbangwa replied: “I’m not going to say what the MEC subscribes to.

“She did not distribute this literature. You can be in a workshop and give a talk, but that doesn’t mean that the contents of the literature has been organised by you.”

However, in a recent meeting with the TAC, Nkonyeni prominently displayed one of the Rath-Sanco booklets that was distributed, called End Aids: Break the chains of pharmaceutical colonialism, on her desk.

The booklet compares the TAC to Nazi Brown Shirts, says that all ARVs are toxic and claims that Vitamin C “can block the multiplication of HIV by more than 99% ”.

When asked why Nkonyeni had displayed the book at the meeting, spokesman Chris Maxon said that “the MEC, like any person in this country, is free to stimulate her brains with anything and any reading material. The book is not banned in the country and we do not understand why she would be prevented from reading it or any other book for that matter.”

KwaZulu-Natal is the province worst affected by HIV, with 40% of pregnant women infected.

Mark Heywood, the deputy chairman of the SA National Aids Council, said that the ANC should “discipline and restrain” the MEC and minister.

“The position of the ANC is clear arising from the Polokwane conference, and that is we must expand access to antiretroviral medicines,” he said.

“They’re also in conflict with their own government policies. In 2007 the Cabinet adopted the National Strategic Plan on HIV and Aids, which says that by 2011 we should try to reduce the number of mother-to-child HIV infections to less than 5% .

“We can’t do that if we are sending out confusing messages that tell people that the antiretroviral drugs that the government includes in its programme are poisonous and dangerous.”

National Health spokesman Fidel Hadebe said that Tshabalala-Msimang had been invited to address the meeting by MEC Nkonyeni, and had nothing to do with invitations or information handed out.

“At no stage has the minister endorsed traditional medicine as being a solution to HIV and Aids,” said Hadebe.

“On a number of occasions, the minister has reiterated her commitment to the country’s National Strategic Plan.” – Health-e News Service

As readers of this blog know, the surprising fact is that the so called quacks are scientifically correct and that Manto Tshabalala-Msimang’s beetroot and garlic would do the unfortunate HIV positives of South Africa a good deal more good than the chemotherapeutic AIDS drugs Bill Clinton and Richard Jefferys are anxious to provide them as soon as possible.

It is certainly hard to see how they could possibly claim that these were not “toxic”, however else they might object to the resistance they are encountering from the suspicious South Africans.

9 Responses to “Brush fires in South Africa”

  1. Elizabeth Ely Says:

    Anthony, you write of the opposition to the Semmelweis “Clean Hands” awards to Ms. Farber and Dr. Duesberg “making sure that as many telephone calls and visits as possible protesting the event were undertaken by his HIV/AIDS promoting activist allies in Washington.”

    Yes. At least, they sent a couple of lame e-mails. I know nothing of anyone getting off their butts long enough to make visits and phone calls.

    But you report further, that “This resulted in such concern by the nervous prizegivers . . . over the possible disruption of their ceremony that the awards made to the principled and public spirited duo were delayed a whole day . . . .”

    In my phone call with you, I stressed repeatedly that this was not the case.

    I was there at the planning meeting.

    In fact, no e-mails or intimidation from the other side disrupted or delayed anything. It attempted to, but it did not succeed. If anything, these people were indignant at this attempt. They were, after all, whistleblowers in their own right.

    The more quiet ceremony prevailed for OTHER REASONS, independent of any e-mails, and no one made any mention at all at the meeting about these messages, except the organizers, who said they told these guys to buzz off. They almost told YOU to buzz off when they thought you were one of them.

    I am saying this is a not-so-total fan of these award organizers — but I must say, they stood up to those jerks, and I admire them for it. Couldn’t light a fire under these guys. They made the decision for a more private ceremony for other, independent reasons. If they hadn’t, I, for one, would have been the first to report it. We don’t have to look far in our own experience to know that hysteria against us in the media arises independently of any e-mails or intimidation. It would exist even if TAC/TAG didn’t.

    It is noteworthy that TAG/TAC tried to disrupt the event. Yes — by all means, tell everyone they tried — but they did not succeed.

    Reporting, or complaining, that they succeeded is cooperating with what they want you to believe. Because otherwise, only the walls are listening to Moore and others bragging that they did. Only AIDStruth and a stupid little newsletter picked up their story. But now, why is “Science Guardian” the biggest purveyor of it?


  2. Truthseeker Says:

    The blog exists to record the truth, so any help you can give us is welcome, especially if it establishes that the impression given that the John Moore approach succeeded in this instance is totally false.

    The impression I got from all reports including yours was that the proceedings of the Semmelweis Society were stirred up by the efforts of the complaints of various HIV defenders, spurious though they were. We have seen and intend to deconstruct one of these missives in a post.

    The upshot of whatever discussions were held however was that Duesberg and Farber were not given their awards in the normal course of the planned and advertised day long ceremonies on Tuesday, but were instead freed for a day to visit places of interest in Washington, for which they chose the very appropos Holocaust Museum, from which Duesberg emerged and gave voice to one of his finest jokes, repeated here by Celia in an earlier Comment.

    On Wednesday they were also not part of the Tribunals, and did not give testimony, because the Rev. Fauntroy did not want to risk his political capital. Only on Wednesday evening were they honored, and not even in public where they could have given an address to an audience and signed books.

    If there were other reasons for this alteration of the proceedings which were promised to Duesberg and Farber, for which Duesberg traveled a long way, then please enlighten us. At the moment it seems that the reporting of the Housing Works was all too accurate. Which part of their report do you specifically contradict? If the TAG/TAC group did not succeed in disrupting proceedings, who or what did?

  3. cervantes Says:

    Being based in the Washington, DC area, over the last many years I have closely observed the politics and fear-drumming by the local Pols re: inflated HIV and AIDS local cases. For instance, over a year ago, the Washington Post and Washington Times front pages announced and prompted the whole population – ages 14 to 84 – be HIV-tested (free, of course) at the all the clinics, and of course, if “positive” to then go on antiretroviral drugs such as HAART, etc. After all, it was embarrassing that DC, the nation’s capital, already had 10 times higher HIV infections than any other U.S. place.

    This prompting and pleading by the Health Dept. (and new Mayor Fenty) has completely been ignored by virtually everybody (since nobody can remember the last AIDS death in other then “at-risk” population), thus the only new HIV statistics reported several months ago were from three categories: prisoners, hospital patients (for other health reasons), and those testing at the Whitman-Walker Clinic. Whitman-Walker has been the chief clinic for the gay population of DC for 30 years, and currently employs 200 people and has an annual budget of $22 million dollars, funded mostly by the Pharma companies making the antiretroviral drugs.

    Additionally, there is a whopping $85 million for 2008 funneled into the DC budget by Congressional programs, most of this money of course going for untold jobs throughout the DC govt. So, there is at least a total of $107 million a year (and going up, as usual) basically sustaining a small army promoting the Lie of HIV.

    Hmmm, it seems possible that DC officials such as Rev. Fauntroy, probably Mayor Fenty, etc., would want to suppress any publicity (or evidence) that would rock this (toxic) pork barrel funding, and more importantly not ever let the camel’s nose of truth under their HIV-tent. Finally, it would not be unusual here in the Nation’s Capital, and particularly the local DC pols, to have some a steady flow of significant cash coming to them personally for some service or advice rendered (completely honest, of course!) from the HIV/AIDS $107 million. Virtually every week, there are prosecutions being brought against DC govt. officials for scamming scores of millions of dollars on practically every facet of local government. The HIV budget is there for the picking, and backed by Fauci’s Federal dollars.

    I’m afraid the fix was in from the beginning as to having Dr. Duesberg and Journalist Farber being given publicized honors for their incredible efforts. It’s been that way for 20 years, and now the Federal AIDS Budget (including PEPFAR for Africa) is over 1% (one percent) of the entire annual budget, $23 billion for U.S. domestic, and $10 billion for Africa; $33 billion total out of a Federal budget of $3.1 trillion. Rocking this super-duper-whopper tanker can NOT be tolerated at any level, as the Semmelweis Awards Affair has shown. Finally, not a word about Duesberg or Farber in the Washington Post or the Washington Times, but other Semmelweis recipients were indeed mentioned in some news articles.

  4. Truthseeker Says:

    Enlightening comment, Cervantes. The basic principle that the politicians don’t much care if the scientific ideology is true or not seems to rule Africa and Washington both. The important thing is to keep the money flowing, and besides which, how on earth are they meant to double check the science anyway? Mbeki is apparently unique is his willingness to explore the material available on the Web and assess it for himself and decide that a review panel was in order. But the political heat he suffered for this enlightened view saw him retreat to playing his cards closer to his chest. Now he has to suffer ignorant New York Times editorial writers saying he will go into history with a legacy beginning with “Crackpot and dangerous theories on AIDS.”

    Here in Washington apparently as you are saying they are not going to behave any better than the other African politicians, ie they have the worldly wisdom not to swim against the tide, and will focus on the main goal, which is to keep funds flowing. Like corporations who put profits before public interest, they know their role. The science is none of their business. Leave science to the scientists. But what if the real audience is the electorate, who might if persuaded by the Semmelweis prizes to listen to Duesberg and Farber tell the politicians to do something about the science, as Mbeki did?

    Here it comes around as it always does to the role of the press in maintaining freedom of speech and review of government. Alas, the press has now generally lost its investigative guts as the wave of commercialism which has flooded most of society has engulfed its platforms in print as well as tv and absorbed its ownership into conglomerates and its ethic into the personal ambition of publishers like Rupert Murdoch who no longer want to pay for serious investigations when they can print pictures of Cannes beach bunnies or show video of Paris Hilton, and it has drowned all but a few young naively principled reporters in provincial papers who go after obvious targets like corrupt politicians and corporations but still have no clear idea that the science part of the system is invaded by the same cancer as their own institutions, the last representatives of a vanishing species whose reward is to be featured by Bill Moyers or David Brancaccio on PBS, and never to become part of management.

    As long as the press supinely completes the circle of silence the public is blinded and the public interest is flouted with ease. Fauci instinctively knew that twenty years ago when he intimated in writing that any reporter raising the issue of Duesberg’s review, and rejection of HIV as the cause of AIDS for every reason you can think of, would be sent to Coventry by the NIH and thus be castrated career-wise, and he has been proved triumphantly right.

    How pathetic that the Times’s medical correspondent Larry K. Altman like its other reporters gave in to this indication of criminality and the HIV gay fanatic politics which backed it up and never covered Duesberg properly, ie fully researching the situation and reporting on it, despite the obvious quality of the great Berkeley scientist’s papers and obvious political nature of his treatment. Now Larry is presumably retiring to some university to teach students his idea of how medical journalism works.

    Well, maybe we shouldn’t blame him since he was probably guided by Nicholas Wade who seems to have always assumed Duesberg was wrong even though he wrote “Betrayers of the Truth” about mischief in science.

  5. Michael Says:

    Cervantes said:

    “For instance, over a year ago, the Washington Post and Washington Times front pages announced and prompted the whole population – ages 14 to 84 – be HIV-tested (free, of course) at the all the clinics, and of course, if “positive” to then go on antiretroviral drugs such as HAART, etc”.

    As best I could tell, the testing push was promoted to peddle the Orasure Oraquick Rapid Saliva test for a mere 13.00 bucks or more each.

    I am not sure who the major stock holders are, of Orasure, but they are most assuredly the “somebodies”. For instance, Oraquick had enough pull 2 years ago, to get the CDC to buy 3 million of the tests to spread to clinics, even though just 3 months earlier the Oraquick tests were found to have been proven to be at least 25% flawed, and it has never been determined what caused the Oraquick test failures.

    Yes indeed, 1/4th of the Orasure Oraquick results in a few months of testing in San Francisco came up with a verified test failure rate of 25% verified false positive HIV test results! They never did figure out what caused the tests to show as HIV positive, and who cared since the CDC was going to buy 3 million of them to spread around like peanut butter. For most of Africa, this single Oraquick test is the only test being used.

    Obviously, there is great money on the line, and the big boys are lapping it up. Just as Bush’s Former secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld himself, was the CEO of Blockbuster AIDS drug manufacturer Gilead until he joined Bush in 2001. Gilead makes the top selling AIDS drugs, Truvada and Atripla. Rummy is still a Big Stock Holder. So is one of Gilead’s former Board Members, Former Secretary of State, George Schulz. Now you know why Bush and company were so pleased to send $50 billion to Africa for AIDS, provided it was spent at Gilead!

    So there are likely some big “players” at the tables of OraSure’s board and stockholders meetings as well.

    For all I know, Bush himself is a big stock holder as well. The ROT in all of this is going to the very top.

    What a show! Don’tcha just love it? The republicans, and many democrats as well, are fully financing their fortunes, public offices, and lifestyles, off the backs of dead and poisoned gays, inner city blacks, and Africans, at the expense of shearing the sheep that American taxpayers now are!

  6. cervantes Says:

    Michael, Thanks for your corroboration, and for citing Orasure being the test vehicle. As you have pointed out, it is absurdly flawed as to specificity, but whatever it does test is contained in human saliva. So, now the mainstay tests for HIV “antibodies” are tests of: (1) blood; (2) saliva (Orasure). The logical progression will be to test perspiration, then on to breath molecules, and no doubt (like blood pressure cuffs at the drugstores and supermarkets) there will be soon a machine you can breathe into to get an HIV antibody reading, with the CDC spending a few $billion per year to supply these machines. Hey, who cares, as long as CDC heroically guides the sheep to their fate. After all, how else can the whole U.S. population be tested? — ’cause they sure won’t march down to the free clinics as demonstrated in DC, or voluntarily serve prison-time in lieu of paying parking tickets (thus be tested in the DC prison).

    Meanwhile, the last two Federal budgets of 2007 and 2008 both spread $23 billion around the U.S., mainly for HIV testing, exorbitant retroviral drugs given out like candy by such as the Whitman-Walker clinic in DC, and housing/assistance programs for those “HIV+.” You are spot on when you talk about the higher-ups nation-scene politico that get rich by affiliations with the drug companies; here on the local DC scene no doubt this is repeated at the local level.

    To date, the U.S.Federal spending for HIV/AIDS has now reached, adjusted to equal dollars, 50-60% the entire amount spent be the U.S. for the Viet Nam War; and twice that spent for the Apollo program to send our missions to the moon. Adding in non-federal spending, it is fair to say U.S. HIV/AIDS spending has passed that for Viet Nam, yet AIDS deaths continue at 17,000 every year, and the public stays completely ignorant the deaths are 99% iatrogenic. A utterly masterful job by Fauci and Gallo et al. conning not only the public, but the vaunted free press.

  7. Michael Says:


    Are you by any chance the fine gentleman that I had the pleasure of meeting, sharing a dinner with your wife and mutual friends, and sitting beside at Guapo’s near the National Cathedral a couple of weeks ago?

  8. cervantes Says:

    Michael, You mean there’s another HIV dissident within a stone’s throw from the Cathedral??! Not that I know – well, there is one. However, I can attest the fine citizens of Cleveland Park (the National Cathedral neighborhood – typical single family home goes for $2+ million) have exercised their own high-brow civil disobedience against authority and refuse to be herded down to the testing clinics. Perhaps in truth because they don’t want to know the truth, that being the fashion in the Nation’s Capital. Or perhaps because nobody they have known (or consorted with) in the last 25 years has fallen to the HIV-plague, so they have nothing to fear, so why go? Actually, a little common sense by osmosis has seeped into them it seems, enough to not needlessly be frightened into being tested – by Orasure no less (should be call Orastupid, as in ‘are you stupid’ enough to be tested).

    Nevertheless, every last Cleveland Park citizen (except one, anyway), probably the highest educated of all DC (and even the Planet Earth), after 25 years of propaganda from the Washington Post (and Wash. Times, or more likely the NY Times that most get), truly believes HIV is deadly, and that Africa is perishing from it. But, nobody dies in Cleveland Park, or even gets sick except from a flu vaccination shot, so that’s that.

    The good government will send another $10 billion a year via PEPFAR (the amount in the current pending legislation) to feel good. That the citizenry of Cleveland Park has been expertly guided so narrowly, never pausing to think, attests to how far the American culture has become spellbound, and has fallen for the pronouncements of Fauci, and advertisements of the Pharmas, not to mention ex-President Clinton, and Bush, et al. proudly telling the country the U.S. will save the day not just from HIV, but from Bird Flu (H5N1), etc., Plagues kept ever looming on the horizon by Fauci and CDC, ever maximizing their budgets and mind control.

    To directly answer your question, to wrap it up, I was not at the restaurant you mentioned — .

  9. Michael Says:

    Well said!, Cervantes! Well said.

    Had I known you were there, I certainly would have seen to it that you too had joined us at Guapo’s, and next time you shall I hope. I hope to meet you there the next time I go to DC, which event seems may be happening sooner then later, as I find the area quite inspiring, myself.

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